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Porsche 944 S2 Coupe
Baltic Blue
97000 Miles

This car needs some tender loving care. A pre-loved Porsche. Last registered keeper was a member of the House of Lords, it has low owners
and is in superb mechanical order. It has been sorn for a number of years.
The plan here is to turn this tired and weathered soul into a Superstar. Full cosmetic restoration including
repairs to the sills and lower front wings and a full respray in original Baltic blue. The cabin to be fitted with Marine blue leather as the original
Studio Plaid cloth is very sun faded, any new panel or section replaced would be far too bright. Any worn or missing items to replaced with new.

Many images below show how it arrived to finished and everything in between.

Work in progress.

Boot carpet was Linen coloured!?!


After a simple wash..


The work begins.. Some images of the bodywork upon each visit to the bodyshop..


The winscreen didn't need to come out thanks to a removebale seal..


Sills and lower wings to be cut, bad bits removed, new bits to be fabricated..


Many weeks later...


Built back up and ready to leave the bodyshop!


Beautiful finish, smooth like enamel..


It lay at the workshop for 2months, When I went to collect it, it wouldn't start. Fault was traced (guessed) to be the immobiliser chip.
A speedy delivery of a new chip from Hamilton & Palmer, a new socket too as we were advised it could be either at fault..


Chip did not work so we fitted the new socket and it worked! (crude test below, now been fitted properly!) Car lives again..


Back in our garage for parts two, three and four of the rescue process (cabin, servicing, detailing)..


Starting to look like a car again!


..until you open the door!


Seats out. £3.47 in mixed coins collected, thanks...


No love lost over those...


Deep cleaning begins..


Missing canvas patch replaced..


Marine blue leather (with leatherette/vinyl rear squab) fitting in progesss..


Replacement carpet..


Replacement new centre console, no holes for old alarm LED's thanks..


Replace sunroof switch..


Replacement gear shifter in nice condition..


Much better.. different car now!


Pedals.. nothing wrong with the current items, but these are shiny and new, it's all in the details..


Tricky to fit, use a hairdryer to heat them, much easier. Finished pic was too dark, here is work in progress..


New carpet mats. These are the best you can buy, better than OEM. These are made from late 80's/90's Mercedes stock and will still
look like that after 175k miles and 30years!


Tow eye cover..


Half round screws and gaskets for the roof rack mounts on the quarters..


..all in the details..


Carpet fixers. These are no longer available from Porsche. These were bought used...


Replacement door cards..

Number plate mounts for front and rear..


New Porsche decal..


Refurbished rims, new wheel centres..


LCD clock removed for repair..

..new screen fitted..

..working again, makes all the difference.

..new key blank

..cut.. A complete replacement set with a new immobiliser fob and new keyring.

Tyres on the wheels, balanced ready to fit..

..on they go..

..painted the nuts black..

New stone guards fitting..

..easy when you know how, no bubbles...

Rear badge..

Dye for the steering wheel..looks like new after a couple of coats..

Replacement grille for the one I broke removing the clock, very brittle these old bits..

Replaced a weak bonnet strut..

Nearly there now, took it outside in the daylight to see what we have, couple of pics..

Astonishing.. absolutley stunning. Looks like new. Concours.


Engine bay time..

After 30mins of elbow..

Renewed lots of bolts, refinished many items..


100 Pictures of the finished car here..


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