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Porsche 944 S2 Coupe
Guards Red
95000 Miles

Restoration in progress

This car came to us as a non-runner. SORN off the road for over 5 years, hadn't
turned a wheel in that time. Flat perished tyres, stale fuel, flat battery etc..
In need of full cosmetic restoration and recommissioning including a service and
timing belt etc. Crucially, a very solid low keeper genuine car and the basis of
something special... I can see it.. watch..


That may look a mess to you.. but we can see the beauty that lies beneath..

Offside was exposed to the sun for a long time.. near side is not bad at all..

Requires a complete refresh..

Lovely condition (under the milldew!)..

That is top condition there- beyond the hoover and dirty marks.. needs an LCD clock fix, gear shifter, stereo, armrest hinge....

ok.. Begin!...Clean it. Pressure wash and hoover to begin with... Different car already..

Seeing it now...

Sadly, when it dries, it'll be pink again... but an idea of what it was/will be!

These are the body repairs it needs..

Different car after just some cleaning and tlc...

You can see it coming now...

Radio fitted, arm rest hinge kit fitted

Lovely condition, I told you it was there behind the dust..

The engine bay is in lovely conditon too.. look... look beyond the dirt...

That's just a 45minute wipe with a damp microfibre and some detergent..

Wheels off to be refurbished and new tyres fitting..

Replacement wheels, original wheels will go back on when they are ready..

Making a nice file to present all that history...

Some I made earlier..

This car won't start. After checking the obvious things we had a auto elec come
and remove an old alarm and immobiliser system as this I thought was the cause
of the non start.

..old crap..

Old alarm is under the fuse box..

There it is..

Still wouldn't start though, but we know its not an immobiliser fault now..

Towed it to the local Guru.. who traced the fault to the fuel pump..and it's now
fixed and running! Had it serviced too, new oil filters, plugs, liquids, belts changed etc..
Took the opertunity to have a good poke around the underside too while it was on
the ramp..and it looks very good. No rot at all and original solid sills, we'll replace brake and fuel lines all good etc..

That's a nice new wishbone..

Solid floors and sills..

No awards for hygeine.. but its all solid. Quater of a century old remember..


Work in progress..


..some time later.. Restoration finished, paint, wheels, servicing etc. all complete. It looks great!






Many images at the link below..



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