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Scare Phase 1 W126  
59000 Miles 2 Keepers 
Rare Thistle Green 
Mexican Hat Alloys 
A53 XNV 
This stunner rolled off the production line at some stage in 1983 and was 
pre delivery inspected by Arlington Motor Co Mercedes Benz agents in  
Bedford on the 6th April 1984, being delivered to its first owner a Mr 
R G Harris in the same town on the 11th April 1984. Mr Harris cherished  
his Merc, carefully storing it overnight in the garage and routinely 
returning to the same supplying dealer for the next 25 years. He stopped  
using the car to any degree at 59012 miles after its last documented dealer  
service and simply stored it giving it little use and only warming up and 
down and keeping everything serviceable. He did continue to MOT the car 
up until his tenure of ownership ended on the 6th April 2009 almost exactly 
25 years to the day he took delivery. At this point he sold the car to the  
second and only other keeper a Mr Smith ( a classic collector) it had 59737  
miles on it. Mr Smith stored the car from 2009 to present with it only  
recently being MOTd for the first time since in July last year at 59743  
miles. As part of setting the car back up it has also received a major  
service and 4 new Vredstein comfort tyres fitted. The oil removed was 
like fresh syrup.  
Chassis no : 1260222A052505 
Engine no  : 11098922060652 
DOR        : 06 04 1984 
Optional Factory Specification 
- Four speed automatic transmission  
- Thistle Green metallic paint 
- ABS 
- Electric sunroof with integrated draught deflector 
- Lower door entry lights  
- Branded heavy duty rubber mud flaps 
Standard Specification 
- 6 Cylinder in line higher output 185 bhp SE engine 
- Power steering 
- Electric front & rear windows 
- Electric passenger mirror 
- Illuminated vanity mirrors 
- Heated screen wash 
- Heated rear window demister 
- Central locking 
- Wood veneer 
- Automatic heating Control  

Mercedes-Benz W126 
W126 designates the flagship line of cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz  
between 1979 and 1991. The W126 replaces the W116 line and was the second 
series to carry the S-Class or Sonderklasse (special class) designation. 
The W126 four-door S-Class luxury car was launched in September 1979 to 
replace the W116. The new series provided improved ride, better handling, 
more power and increased fuel efficiency over it predecessor. This highly 
rare phase 1 model is among the last of the ‘proper’ Mercedes cars ever  
made. These vehicles are quite simply a joy to drive. The high standard  
of build quality and durability defined the reputation that MB still  
exploit today despite it peaking at this moment. This was the finest 
luxury car in the world, it was built to a standard that other manufacturers 
could only gasp at, setting a benchmark of engineering excellence that has 
not been surpassed to this day and never will be as costs and bureaucracy  
prevent it repeating. Come on this was the model that J R Ewing drove in early
Dallas episodes.
Unique among W126s, this example has never experienced neglect. 
The condition of this car is like factory new, with nothing changed from 
the standard specification. Its not a restored car, rather an original 
survivor complete with original panels etc. This particular example is 
as good as they get and the entire car has an incredibly appealing ambience.  
It is in an unmolested time warp condition and has never undergone any  
accident repairs, just routine good consistent educated servicing and  
sympathy and heaps of love. This example has perfect condition light and  
airy quality fabric and walnut interior and the carpets are like new.  
There is no corrosion or damage anywhere. The original paint still shines  
and has suffered no drama in its 33 years. The interior is like new having 
had a set of seat covers fitted since brand new only being removed when 
I took ownership. The boot, tools, under bonnet foam etc etc are all in  
amazing condition. The engine bay is truly remarkable and this car would 
be a clear show winner in its class. Everything in excellent working order. 
There is no corrosion at all in the well-known W126 rust trap under the  
rear window. All arches and panels are solid and moreover the paint finish 
is a thing of beauty with a wonderful depth and zero blemishes. See image 
of the front slam panel, the condition is like that of a two year old car. 

Note : In the images the bonnet would appear to be out of alignment, this
was due tp not being shut firmly home, the bonnet has a double catch each
side of the grill, just to clear this up for you keen observers, I noticed
late on in the shoot.
The underside is completely free of fluid leaks, again, almost unprecedented 
in my experience for a car of this vintage that has not benefited from a 
nut and bolt restoration. The interior has a wonderful aroma of gentle 
patination, no hint of mold or damp that so often tarnishes the interiors 
of elderly luxury cars.  
Service History & Care 
The Mercedes 2.8 petrol is a legendary bullet proof unit and is so under worked  
that it will last forever. Very obviously always been cherished and garaged  
it has escaped the ravages of time. A general walk around this car and 
a study of its history will leave you in no doubt that you are looking at 
one of the best 80s Mercedes in the entire country, an example such as this 
is what you would expect to source in a foreign country with a forgiving  
There never was a car like the W126 in the annals of motoring history, 
there probably never will be again. The market has woken up to what  
these early examples represent and this is a unique car fresh to the  
Mercedes Benz classic market. I have probably overstressed the message 
already, however this is an outstanding Mercedes. The classic colour  
scheme can only enhance the long term residual of this enduring  
classic that should now rightly be wrapped away once more in a bubble  
only being brought out on dry days, a superb investment. 
Other Information 
* 2 keepers in total from new 
* Original supplying dealer number plates and rear window decal 
* Original factory label under rear parcel shelf 
* Genuine matching numbers car with original factory panels 
* Complete toolkit 
* Unused spare wheel 5th alloy 
* Original working Blaupunkt stereo 
* Warning triangle 
* Sales Brocuhure 
* Owners pack with drivers handbook 
* Blaupunkt stereo manual 
* Original Factory order/picking slips



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