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Scarabe Green - Dover Grey Leather
Unrepeatable 46000 Miles
Complete Service History
Complete MOT History
Incredible Investment Saab
100+ HD Images Available

F920 CJW
First registered 17.04.1989 by Saab Piccadilly in London to a Colonel
Gilhead residing in Brighton trading in his Volvo. The original order
form detailing its PDI is present alongside the bill of sale from the
dealer. His tenure of ownership lasted 13 years until 2002 and since
then its had 5 other owners in the last 17 years, 6 in total, so showing
5 previous on the V5. The most recent keeper has owned it since 2012.
The car was originally White. In 2010 a Mr Preston of Malton N. Yorks
decided to have the colour changed to Scarabe Green. This was done to
an extremely high standard by Classic 900 ltd based in Hull at a cost of
nearly £5000, however today this would be an 8-10k job. The whole vehicle
was stripped, glass and seals out, doors bonnet and boot removed, all
properly refinished into the shuts. The engine bay was also done. The
mileage at this stage was around 42k, so just under 5000 miles ago,
as such it presents virtual as new.

The completeness of the paperwork is remarkable. The large leather and suede
owner’s folder contains all supplied handbooks. This inclusive of every piece of
literature it came with as new. The MOT history goes right back to 1994 with
receipts going back to the early 90s also.

* Fully electric roof
* Full electric pack (4 windows & mirrors)
* Heated front seats
* Cruise control
* Soft leather dash inlays
* Hard plastic fitted tonneau cover with leather storage bag
* Variety of headlight protectors
* Fitted branded carpet mats
* Electric aeriel

Chassis no : YS3AD76L8K7019787
Engine Number : B2022L13AK072650

History File
This is as perfect an unrestored classic 900 that money could buy, the many
images tell just that. As far as I am aware there are no matters outstanding
and I have driven it at length. The service book has 14 stamps, this being
just the tip of the iceberg with reams of paperwork detailing lots of care
through the years. All service stamps and MOT history is listed below. The
individual stamps are pictured in the gallery with supporting receipt for
all of the services.

Service Stamps
- 17.04.89 PDI Colmore Saab
- 24.04.89 Colmore Saab 569 miles
- 16.10.89 Colmore Saab 6179 miles
- 21.05.90 Colmore Saab 9545 miles
- 28.04.92 Ballamys Saab 13687 miles
- 08.09.95 Ballamys Saab 21379 miles
- 30.07.01 Denes Motors 26003 miles
- 04.07.05 Classic 900 32560 miles
- 03.07.06 Classic 900 35702 miles
- 16.07.07 Classic 900 37696 miles
- 07.07.08 Classic 900 39371 miles
- 27.07.09 Classic 900 40506 miles
- 26.04.10 Classic 900 42069 miles

The car has bene owned by an elderly Saab enthusiast from Edinburgh since 2012,
he was a dedicated Saab man and member of the owners club and took the car to
Summer shows. He has had it maintained by a Saab specialist in Edinburgh.

MOT History
1994 19879 miles
1995 21066 miles
1996 22589 miles
1997 22589 miles
1998 23553 miles
1999 24613 miles
2000 25311 miles
2001 25754 miles
2002 25981 miles
2003 26533 miles
2004 27177 miles
2005 29018 miles
2006 32559 miles
2007 35202 miles
2008 39379 miles
2009 40561 miles
2010 42069 miles
2011 42467 miles
2012 43627 miles
2013 44220 miles
2014 44843 miles
2015 45226 miles
2016 45641 miles
2017 46141 miles
2018 46483 miles
2019 46771 miles

The Saab 900 Cult
The classic world is at last waking up to the classic Saab, like all the real
Saab's its as timeless now as it was then, and they were the real deal. Classic
cars come and go but the appeal of some remains constant and none more
so than the 900 - the last real Saab say some of the marque's cognoscenti.
Think of it as a time-warped Sixties swinger but with MTV street cred and a
style and look that was as unique as Citroen's. All of which is why the last
Saab 900 - manufactured until 1993 - became an instant classic upon its
demise, and remains a sought after though little remembered classic as
yet, though time has a habit of changing things.

A proper 900 Turbo has a life of its own, only a Saab enthusiast would
understand, some may hate it or at best not get it. For me its a piece of
automotive history representing the best of the 90s and perhaps outwith
that something better inside us all, from a Golden age where every
manufacturers models had a high degree of personality and individuality
that was instantly recognizable. Driving it today it draws supreme admiration,
thumbs up, lights flashing, pictures and videos being taken and social media
posting, its not like a new Porsche where you are sneered at, lip reading
obscenities along the way, guaranteed to get let out every junction with a
smile and a wave.

Owning a late model Saab 900 is an easy way to being different and this modern
classic is one that anyone would be deeply proud to be the next custodian, its
ready to be used and enjoyed and stored with sympathy, and would be the envy
of any Saab show it entered. With values of young timer Fords Vauxhalls Mercs
and Bmws rising, this is a bit different and is a model that has a proper depth
to the build quality and engineering, one of the coolest cult cars ever made.

As unmarked as it is remarkable. The paint retains a deep glossy shine and is in
superb condition all around and looking to be factory original. On close inspection
there are no negatives to be found with barely any blemishes at all anywhere, and
no rust in. All of the panels are nice and straight, lining up as they should,
with all lenses remaining free from any cracks or moisture. Presents like a 5 yr
old car with a true depth to paint, currently detailed to a very high standard with
all the lines angles and quirks of the 900 surely looking their best in Scarabe.

The interior of the 900 is awash with period leather, emitting an unforgettable
aroma that takes you back in time. The chairs remain in excellent condition with
just a hint of patina, and supportive in a way seats will never be again. The
rear seats look unused and the headlining is excellent. The A1 condition continues
to the door cards, along the bottoms of the doors, the door shuts and A and B
posts, along the dashboard, and all the rubbers none of which shows signs of
age or damage. The centre console is the same, with no wear to any buttons or knobs.
The carpets throughout remain clean and tidy and unspoiled. The dashboard has
soft touch leather inlays which is a rare optional extra I have not come across

The mohair hood folds electrically in a matter of seconds and folds back up with
equal pace. Its in first class condition with a proper rear glass screen that is

The engine bay presents remarkably well and is consistent with a car having
been extremely well cared for. Unsurprisingly the auto transmission shifts
through the gears with ease and there are no shortcomings with anything, its
an utter joy. The underside is dry and well protected, the car has never had
any welding. The automatic gearbox is in harmony with the appeal of this car,
its a lazy relaxing drive with turbo punch when required for overtaking.

Clean Aero alloys, arguably the best alloy ever put on a Saab. Matching tyres
Goodyear Eagles on the front, Continentals on the rear, thick with tread.

Saab Innovation
Things like the world's first side impact bars, the first pollen and pollution
filter for the cabin air system, and windscreen pillars made of 2.5mm rolled steel,
were all unique Saab traits. Lift up the carpet and you will find box section
steel beams like no other car, reinforcing the floor. The 900 was so far ahead
in safety terms at its 1979 launch that it stayed safe until its discontinuation
in 1993 after nearly a million cars were made. Driving the Saab 900 is a world
away from today's flat-screened greenhouses. You sit deep behind a unique
curved windscreen with a dashboard that rolls away for acres. The windscreen
is slot-like and your knees go under the fascia - not over it. It is more like sitting
in a deep Victorian cast iron bath. The seats feel orthopaedic, and the boot space
is massive, I could go on and on...and I will.....

Remember you get what you pay for in life, the quality of this 900 will remain long
after the price has been forgotten. Investment wise this is easily tipped as a model
that will multiply in value in coming years, think about it..

Key Information
* Mot June 2020 (no advisories)
* UK delivery available
* All p/x welcome
* Leather book pack/all manuals/literature/2 keys
* Original sales catalogue
* Original price list
* original service booklet
* complete toolkit/jack etc
* Excellent fuel consumption 95-99 ron
* Stereo manual
* Haynes workshop manual
* Never been smoked in


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