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1983 Porsche 924 Coupe Rare Automatic
66,000 Miles - 6 Owners - Air Con
Engine Rebuild
Diamond Cut Turbo Alloys
File of History
100 + HD Images
Beautiful Condition

PGN 474Y
Excellent retro mobile and a fantastic introduction to front engined
Porsche ownership. Lovely period colours on display to embrace, it's
amazing how colours fall in and out of favor with the more funky
combinations raising in desirability as the model ages. This particular
combo is as retro as it gets with Bronze metallic paintwork and light
Brown and Cream original Pascha interior. This car has factory fitted
air conditioning and no sunroof plagued with historical leaks. This is
an original survivor, not a restored car, its never been meddled with and
has no accident damage. Its complete and whole with a clean topside and
underside. Its a total pleasure to drive, it wraps around you hugging
the road and as an automatic it just makes sense winding around loch sides
and glens. The sweetest of 924 models that would not look out of place at
your local Summer Porsche show.

D.O.R. 01-12-1983
Chassis WPOZZZ92ZDN401771
Engine XJ007404
6 Previous owners

This model has the 2.0 engine with the rare 3 speed automatic gearbox
makes for a lazy comfortable drive, equally excellent in traffic
situations and country drives. Enthusiast keepers over the last few
years have lavished many times this cars worth in maintaining it and
overhauling aspects of it to ensure its a great drive. To this end trying to
source another example that could be used with such peace of mind will be
a hard act to follow. Only 66,000 miles and in rather nice condition with
a nice clean structurally sound body with a glossy finish to the panels, this
is not some restored example, its an original survivor. A high degree of
originality and superb mechanicals.

File of History
File of history accompanies with nearly £3000 worth of documented bills.
Crucially its had a partial engine rebuild and fortunes spent on it in
the last 3 years a summary of which I have detailed below. This car is
ready to run and I would have no hesitation in turning the key and driving
it anywhere in any conditions. A substantial amount of money has been invested
in preparing it for future driving days and to ensure it performs as close
as it can to when it was new.

Recent work - Nov 2016
- Engine stripped down for camshaft replacement
- Camshaft replaced along with new tappets
- New bearing caps
- New cam pulley, timing belt and water pump
- Valve clearances set
- Ignition timing and idle speed set
- Hot valve clearances set
- Heater blower motor stripped and serviced
- Wiper motor and linkages serviced
- 4 new Toyo tyres
- New brake shoes X 4
- New rear brake spring kit
- New front caliper and bleed screw
- New fuel injection lines
- Auto gearbox serviced with new filter gasket & sump seal
- New steering column bulkhead bearing
- New throttle rod
- New water pump to thermostat hose
- New O ring seals
- New oil and filter
- New spark plugs
- Air filter
- Fuel filter
- Rotor arm
- Dizzy cap
- New HT leads
- New alternator belt
- Brake fluid change
- Alloys diamond cut and refurbished
- New air con belt
- Coolant changed
- New aux air regulator
- New warm up regulator
- New fuel metering head
- New air intake tube
- New screenwash pump
- Battery secured
- Engine and radiator flushed
- Fuel injection solenoid replaced
- Steering wheel restitched
- Engine front cover powder coated
- Water pump pulley, coolant tank bracket and strap powder coated
- New fan belt

Fresh and credible condition all round, body is clean with little to speak of,
paintwork is very good, there is no rust blisters, it presents very well and
the all important sills are 100% solid. I have inspected underneath and its
solid with no welding or evidence of accident damage. I have had the bonnet
professionally repainted with perfect colour match as it had a few scratches

Freshly diamond cut turbo alloys set the look of the car and they have a
great finish. Matching recent Toyo tyres.

Really excels in the cabin. The carpets are all clean and of unworn
appearance. Steering wheels and gear shifter reflect the low mileage too.
The trim itself is in great order, there is not a single item missing or broken,
not a single screw cover or a carpet tack, everything is present and correct
and all fabrics and bolsters are all in great order. The roof lining is perfect
with none of the nasty swell or damp deform that you see in so many other
examples. Inside the boot is lovely, carpets fresh, all fixings present etc.
Nice and fresh under the carpet and in the wheel wells too, it is hiding no
previous repairs. Radio works, bonnet pull works, all electrics windows
and boot release, mirrors all work, it's all in good order.

To note, driver seat has a loose seam and requires stitching. Few cracks
on the dashboard but by no means bad at all, just a few creepers started
around the upper vents.

Engine Bay
This is lovely and clean and fresh. It runs perfectly, smooth and quite
with a lovely sewing machine like precision whir. Upper bulkhead below the
windscreen is so clean you could eat your dinner from it. No previous
repairs, this is all original. Inside the boot is immaculate when you peel
the carpet away and peer into the inisde of the rear quarters, this is a
car thats been kept dry stored.

Nice starter classic for someone, it drives 100% and has all it's power,
amazingly there is not a knock or even a faint rattle from the any of the
suspension components even on a bumpy road and not even any squeaky
trim either, testament to the low mileage. The engine and gearbox are
superb too, no disappointments at all. Two original keys, cleaner leather
tool roll and luggage blind with full size spare alloy wheel. MOT is July
2019 and the car will be MOT and tax exempt come July 2022. A great condition
solid rare 924 model with low miles, these are at the bottom of a huge curve
right now and is sure to appreciate. The car is a credible asset and better
than cash in the bank. This year is the 40th anniversary of the model.

Any inspection welcomed. UK delivery no problem. All p/x considered.




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