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23 Stamp Service History
Truly Beautiful Example

Chassis : WPOZZZ92ZKS841180
Engine : 81K06574
Colour : L37B SX Baltic Blue metallic
Cabin : Marine Blue Leatherette/White pinstripe
Reg : F208 PNC

First pre delivery inspected by Maltin Porsche in Henley on Thameson
the 25th January 1989 and registered the same day to distinguished
gentleman Mr Alan S. Wesley Esq of Berkshire. The V5 shows 7 owners
which is low for a 928 and this is a complete matching numbers car with
all original factory panels and no accident damage. Highly original
example the likes of which is becoming impossible to find with a service
record that very much stands out also, this is amongst the best S4 model
cars that I have ever had through my hands in terms of drive condition
and provenance.

Factory Spec
Automatic transmission &
Air Conditioning
16 " Pressure cast alloys
Full electric pack
Fully electric seats
12 Way driver seat with 3 way memory
Cruise control
Headlight washer
Windshield green graduated tint
Electric Sunroof
Central locking
Engine strut brace

History & Servicing- 23 Stamps
The service records are very comprehensive, accompanying a thick folder of
bills dating back many years is the genuine Red supplied service booklet
that is almost fully stamped up with only space left for stamping, its as
full a history as you could hope for. Of note this car has never had any
breaks in servicing, it could be argued that it has been over serviced at
stages, it has been in constant use since 1989 with no gaps in MOT history
either. As such it is fine fettle and everything that has worked in harmony
continues to do so. The history is vast and covers many aspects of 928
ownership with a thick binder full of bills crucially of late of which a
brief summary is below. Current mileage is 110,000.

Engine Services
1. 25 01 89 Maltin Porsche Pre delivery inspection
2. 02 05 89 Rivervale Porsche 2530 miles
3. 28 08 90 Rivervale Porsche 12666 miles
4. 25 09 91 Evans Halshaw Porsche 17111 miles
5. 15.02.93 Evans Halshaw Porsche 19800 miles
6. 29 09 94 Merlin Porsche 25029 miles
7. 07 07 95 Merlin Porsche 36323 miles
8. 17 06 96 Paul Haywood Porsche 42970 miles
9. 19 11 98 Evans Halshaw Porsche 45685 miles
10. 28 01 00 The Porscheshop 46852 miles
11. 30 10 01 Evans Halshaw Porsche 49903 miles
12. 22 10 02 Evans Halshaw Porsche 52508 miles
13. 10 03 03 Porsche Sutton Coldfield 54229 miles
14. 15 10 04 Porsche Sutton Coldfield 58580 miles
15. 17 02 05 German Car Specialist 65421 miles
16. 10 03 06 German Car Specialist 76284 miles
17. 12 04 07 German Car Specialist 84254 miles
18. 19 06 07 German Car Specialist 90891 miles
19. 19 06 08 Strasse 92485 miles
20. 03 07 10 Strasse 94228 miles
21. 03 09 12 Strasse 97783 miles
22. 17 07 14 Strasse 100635 miles
23. 30 10 15 Tom Ferguson Porsche 102690 miles
24. 09 08 16 Tom Ferguson Porsche 108184 miles

Brake fluid changes - All 6 slots filled
1. 25 09 91 Evans Halshaw Porsche 17111 miles
2. 07 07 95 Merlin Porsche 36323 miles
3. 17 06 96 Paul Haywood Porsche 42970 miles
4. 19 11 98 Evans Halshaw Porsche 45685 miles
5. 30 10 01 Evans Halshaw Porsche 49903 miles
6. 15 10 04 Porsche Sutton Coldfield 58580 miles

Cambelt changes
1. 22 10 02 Evans Halshaw Porsche 52508 miles
2. 10 03 06 German Car Specialist 76284 miles
3. 15 08 13 Strasse 100446 miles

Documented Recent Bills
Over and above the routine servicing and replacing of fluids there has&
been a considerable amount of work. Below is a summary of some of the
more major jobs undertaken in the last few thousand miles. Currently
there are no matters outstanding.

- Complete new Stainless steel exhaust system
- New fuel pressure regulator
- New steering rack arm and boot
- New CV boot kit
- Matching new set of Goodyear tyres
- Tracking done
- New rear abs sensors
- New dash bulbs
- Front brake pads renewed
- All brake discs renewed in last few thousand miles
- Drive plate adjusted by Strasse at 100446 miles
- New CO2 sensors
- New windscreen just fitted

The air conditioning system has been fully overhauled and rebuilt by
Ritech back in 2007 at a cost of £2150 with documented receipt. They
replaced the condensor, the hoses, the dryer, the compressor and the
expansion valve. The radiator was replaced and the fan shroud rebuilt.
This should continue to work properly now for decades to come.

The Drive
The engine and gearbox are utterly fantastic, the motor is sparking
breathing and fueling superbly with excellent oil pressure cold through
hot. At this mileage it has hardly broken a sweat, the 4 speed automatic
Mercedes built gearbox is great with its legendary tall gearing bringing
the big motor into play, slurring through the box is a delight of its own
with the driver firmly in command of the mighty V8 with soundtrack, its
a truly awesome drive with huge engine torque reserves. The brakes and
massive caliper's pull the weight up very quickly, no outstanding matters
or weak components, its all systems go. Drive it for a day its as close
to being a pilot as you will get on the road.

The cabin is extremely well preserved with nothing spoiled or abused.
The luggage area is the same with spare wheel with plastic over cover in
the boot alongside a complete toolkit. The interior is better than the
miles suggest, its got that feeling of single occupancy loved gentleman's
car, its hard to put your finger on it, when you have been around older
cars a long time you just sense it, this one oozes that exact appeal.

Vehicle Summary
The 928 is a GT Masterpiece and one that requires little introduction,
a car of truly towering abilities and very few limitations. To this day
this remains one the world’s most competent and dependable high speed
tourers and a finely hand built precision instrument, a car that will
quarter Europe in a day and be ready to go again. The S4 edges the
performance quotient up a level over the S2. the car is plenty fast,
but driving around town it is as docile and lazy as you'd want it to be,
there are no annoying foibles which you'd suffer in an Italian 80s
supercar, and for those who aren't up on 928's the soundtrack is simply
glorious. Moreover this 928 is something rather special, perfect as an
addition to a classic collection or for the weekend getaway drive, this
straight clean S4 delivers a unique Porsche driving experience. I would
strongly urge anyone seriously interested to come in person and witness
how special this 928 is.

Other Information
* HPI Clear in every respect
* Mot Sep 1st 2018
* No accident damage - poker straight
* Detailed Service Records
* All engine and body labels
* 3 original keys
* 2 Cobra remotes
* Porsche Owners Wallet hardback type
* All Porsche manuals inclusive of owners handbook
* Cobra remote alarm with user manual
* Alpine mobile media with user manual & cd rom
* Spare wheel
* Plastic overcover - ex con
* Complete toolkit
* Air compressor
* Cargo net
* Original carpets in excellent condition
* Stored in a heated garage


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