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Beautiful Classic Early Car
79000 Miles

The GT Masterpiece
A Sports GT that requires no introduction, and arguably the best GT car
to roll out of Stuttgart for many reasons, for many the finest
interpretation of the 928 theme and a car of truly towering abilities
and very few limitations. To this day this remains one the world’s most
competent and dependable high speed tourers and a finely hand built
precision instrument, a car that will quarter Europe in a day and be
ready to go again. This particular model kept in a careful & enthusiastic
order equates to one of the finest GT driving experiences possible, this
rare and desirable 4.7 S is an unforgettable Porsche variant and moving
forward one of the most collectible today. This is truly a vehicle that
one must create opportunities to use, and a 928 loves to be used, real
credit goes to its most recent owners.

Chassis : WPOZZZ92ZBS840547
Engine : 8215215
Colour : India Red
Cabin : Pascha Black/White Leather dash

An exclusively Uk car first registered in the UK on 20.05.1981 and pre
delivery inspected by Malaya Porsche dealership in Billinghurst Sussex
on 23.05.1981 to a Mr Kennedy of Hove. This is a matching numbers car
with all original factory panels and no accident damage. The engine and
gearbox are matching as manufactured and nothing has been changed.

Factory Spec
Automatic transmission
Air Conditioning - Desirable non sunroof model
Pressure cast slotted disc Porsche alloys
Full electric pack
Fully electric seats
Headlight washer
Windshield green graduated tint
Central locking
Original Stereo radio cassette with electric aerial

History & Servicing -
The history is considerable crucially of late which is most important to
the model and covers many aspects of 928 ownership with a thick binder
of bills. At the most recent test this month typical gremlins addressed
such as washer fluid lines blown through, headlight alignment set, fog
lamp connections cleaned, brakes adjusted and cleaned, jubilee clips
replaced to PAS pipes and brake hose ferrule replaced.

Documented Recent Bills
Over and above the routine servicing and replacing of fluids there has
been a considerable amount of work undertaken. Below is a summary of some
of the more major jobs in the last 12 months and only 500 miles covered
since. It has been treated to several visits to 928 guru Paul Anderson in
Stroud. Paul has been the go to guy for everything 928 for some years. He
was asked to road test and inspect the car and put anything right that he
saw fit, some fettling and tuning later we have a wonderful driving car
that is importantly as correct underside as it appears on top. Having
the knowledge with these models is more than half the battle and having
someone of his expertise set the car up to be enjoyed means everything.

Paul Andersons contribution has included,

- Fuel tank cradle replaced
- Automatic transmission service
- New warm up regulator
- Fuel pressures hot and cold tested & set
- New rear wiper motor
- Steering wheel cancelling tab replaced
- Fuel sender unit cleaned and calibrated
- Expansion tank cap lubricated
- Window regulator fault rectified
- Emission's reset
- New inner shaft for steering column
- Dash pod illumination bulb replaced
- New tailgate struts fitted
- New bonnet struts fitted
- Repair to blower motor to regain fan control
- Vacuum leak repair at hvac
- Mirror joystick replaced
- Wiper relay stripped and cleaned


- Oil pipes inspected & replaced
- Major service
- Timing belt & water pump changed
- Aux belts and pulley bushes replaced
- Fuel pump changed
- HT leads changed
- Fuel filter changed
- Washer pump replaced
- Major service
- Porsche dealer number plates
- Exhaust tail pipes refinished

In the last 12 months these documented bills amount to £4743 alone.
They all drive differently, and despite its illusion of bulk a properly
set up and balanced 928 should be light and dainty to handle, and this
car is the personification of this. All suspension and braking components
are working in perfect harmony and the low mileage shines through with
tight focused handling and dampening and absence of creaks from the
drivetrain or suspension. It offers the driver a very box fresh feel
with mechanical reliability to go off and tour at will, inspiring
immediate confidence from the moment you set off. Having owned scores
of these models over the years I am going on the record here and stating
that this is a fantastic 928.

The window to any cars life, and the Pascha fabric is in as new mint
condition following an expert re rim to the highest standards at a cost
of £2000. The ambience is a thing of wonder and a pleasing place to
spend time. The dash and remainder of the cabin are trimmed in leather
with next to zero wear and in the best condition possible in original
order with no repairs or restoration work, just as the many images
convey. This theme is continued to the engine bay and boot area, the
headlining is immaculate too as are all carpets and switchgear with
very little wear, all correct factory labels to panels and engine bay
present, it presents like 10 years young as opposed to nigh on 40 years

Red spare wheel with plastic over cover in the boot alongside a complete
toolkit. My personal feeling is that Black & White Pascha is the most
desirable of all the 80s trims, this coupled with the India Red solid
paint work and other detailed correct specification as it left the factory
spec all add up to an example that will not be easily sourced or indeed
replaced. The devil is in the detail, and trying to replicate even half
as good a car allowing for an inevitable spend on improvements in that
process, would not result in one as wholly correct as this.

Other Information
* HPI Clear in every respect
* March 2018 MOT with no advise
* No accident damage - poker straight
* Detailed Service Records
* 6 previous owners
* All engine and body labels
* 2 original keys + 2 supplement keys
* Porsche Owners Wallet
* Apollo 780 Thatcham Category 1 immobolizer
* CD player
* Spare wheel
* Toolkit
* Luggage blind
* Locking wheel nut key

Vehicle Summary
This 928 is a fast appreciating Porsche classic that is only now beginning
to pick up its heels and truly be put on the pedestal it deserves. It is
the best long-distance Porsche ever, a car for which the vast empty spaces
of Australia and the mid-west USA pose as little difficulty as the A1 from
London to North Yorkshire on a rainy night. The purity of this 928 is
inspiring, and a proper Porsche driving experience. Original 928 models as
these are now virtually impossible to source, I would strongly urge
anyone seriously interested to come in person and witness how special this
928 is.



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