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Total Porsche Dealer Service History   
Beautiful Bodywork 
Outstanding Quality  
 - Guards Red 
 - Original 16" Fuch alloy wheels  
 - Black Leather upholstery & door cards  
 - Fully electric seats  
 - Heated seats 
 - Electric windows  
 - Electric sunroof  
 - Electric mirrors  
 - Central locking  
 - Tinted glass  
 - Graduated tinted front window  
 - Front fog lights  
 - Heated rear window  
First registered on the 2nd August 1979 and pre delivery inspected and
delivered by Posrche AFN London. This is a UK right hand drive car
complete with a total Porsche dealer service record it has always been
serviced within the dealer network, which at this age, is a rarity.
Servicing & Bills - Engine & Box Rebuilt
Maintained at all times throughout its life by qualified technicians
and respected outfits.
In December 2007 and only 6000 miles ago the engine was stripped 
down and rebuilt by Riddelsdell Bros motor engineers. The car had 
various oil leaks and following further investigation broken 
head studs, so the engine and gearbox were removed and the engine 
stripped down and rebuilt with new seals. The bearings and tensioners 
were all checked for wear and the report stated the car to have  
excellent hot oil pressure and to be in fine mechanical condition, 
which very little mileage later, it remains in. The gearbox was 
sent to Europorsche and overhauled replenishing various gear selector 
components, plus new seals and gaskets, and a new clutch fitted.  
Some other relevant work within this last 6000 mile window has included 
an expensive new oil cooler, a reconditioned steering rack, and the 
mirror motors replaced. The sunroof has had a new motor fitted with a 
new seal, and the blower motor for the heater has been replaced.   
Originality + Other Information   
The history is impressive. Its a huge file, paperwork dating right 
back to the early years. The car is rock solid underneath with no welding  
or accident damage and a tidy original looking underside, everything has 
been kept standard. Comes complete with owner's manual, stamped up
service book, stereo manual, and it retains its original date-stamped
spare wheel, jack, and tool roll. The considerable history adds up to
rather an impressive spend and is a file to be proud of.  
It sits perfectly on its standard suspension set-up, with no clunks or  
knocks either, just a solid firm and well absorbed ride. This is an all  
systems go car ready to be enjoyed when the mood and the weather allows. 
The car moves as one whole piece, the gearbox and steering feel great and
its exhilarating to drive.   
Exterior Condition
Timeless and classic Guards Red. This was a remarkably solid car when it 
came in that had been loved and dry stored. Our appraisal identified the 
front and rear bumpers requiring improvement alongside some other cosmetics 
on other panels, none of which much of an issue for a car of its age.
All aspects of the body have been inspected to satisfy the absolute
integrity of the chassis.  
The interior is in time warp condition, bone dry and has the feel of a clean  
cared for interior with excellent dash, headlining, door cards, chairs and   
carpets. Next to no wear at all to any switchgear, gear shift, steering wheel  
etc, in reality these interiors were designed to take some punishment, which  
makes a well kept cars interior all the more special. No repairs aboard the 
cabin, so the seats are complete wit original panels, the headlining is 
original, as are all the door cards, as are the mats and carpets, nothing 
changed and all with a beautiful patina.  
Other Information 
 * New MOT upon sale 
 * Full V5 Document 
 * Immobilizer with paperwork 
 * Owners pack & drivers manual   
 * Totally HPi clear   
 * Current & historic HPi searches
* Full toolkit 
* Spare wheel
* Air Kompressor


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