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Engine Rebuild - £22910 Worth Of Documented Bills
Full Service History - 15 Stamps
Very High Specification Model
Serious Value For Money

First registered and pre delivery inspected by AFN Porsche London on 12.05.99.
This car has both a superb specification and incredible service records detailing
no less than 15 engine services and an engine rebuild by a proper Porsche specialist.
It has been maintained by recognized and respected professionals - OPC and
qualified independents. (see below)
A very attractive example that is a wonderful open top drive. Key to this car
is the unique spec setting it apart and making it a pleasurable car to live with,
this has cost a fortune from new (£70,000) and as such will retain a solid
residual moving forward, at this money it represents an opportunity to get into
911 ownership at rock bottom price and involved with a car that has had fortunes
spent on it and future proofed for many years to come. This is a 4 previous owners
that is HPI clear in all respects.

Chassis no - WPOZZZ99ZXS643926
Engine no - 66X11465

* Black mohair hood
* Factory Colour Coded Hard Top
* Fully electric Soft Top
* 6 Speed Gearbox
* No PSM (proper driver spec)
* Savannah leather comfort seats

Optional Factory Specification
* Forest Green metallic
* Sports exhaust system
* 18 " Turbo Twist Alloys
* Facelift rear lights and front clear lens pack
* Cargraphic exhaust tips
* Ruffled leather
* Colour coded tunnel
* 3 Spoke GT3 steering wheel
* Leather trimmed binnacle top
* Leather trimmed dashboard
* Wind deflector
* Wind deflector storage system
* On-board driver Computer
* Porsche CDR 22 front load CD plater
* Green Top Tint Windscreen
* Porsche crested coloured Centre Caps

Engine Rebuild
During a routine service by SCS Porsche they discovered some debris in the engine,
the car never failed on the road. The owner used this respected independent for
9 years and he elected to have them carry out quite a major overhaul, (all documented).
This was completed with all new and upgraded parts and the car was bore scored
and checked thoroughly for piston deformation, neither were evident. The
engine was fully stripped to check all parts for damage and was found to have a
badly worn intermediate shaft bearing. It also had worn big ends and small end
bearings. The engine was cleaned and rebuilt using Hartech intermediate shaft with new
bearing, the big end replaced, the small end bearings replaced and connecting rods.
All 5 timing chains renewed and intermediate shaft tensioner guide rail replaced.
The vario cam actuator guide rails were also replaced alongside a new clutch being
fitted. This work was at 99000 miles, 30,000 miles ago in 2012.

Service History & Maintenance - 15 Stamp History - £23000 Of Bills
I have thoroughly checked over the mechanical's of this 911 and have satisfied myself
it to be in excellent mechanical shape. The engine is smooth and notably its really
powerful, most likely due to the engine refresh its'had and the exhaust system
allowing the car to breathe and fuel properly. The paperwork is extensive detailing
just under £23000 of bills together with a complete MOT history.

Other Recent Work
- Sports exhaust system
- New tailpipes
- New exhaust sleeve clamps
- New bumper support brackets and new fixings
- New front discs pads and wires
- n/s/f coffin arm
- n/s/f track rod end
- New rear anti roll bar
- New drivers door lock
- New front coil springs
- New Bilstein shock absorber
- New rear anti roll bar bushes
- Alloys refinished
- n/s/f brake caliper replaced
- 2 new inner steering tie rods
- n/s/f track rod end
- Roof drains cleared
- New rear drop links

14.04.00 AFN Porsche Reading 4953 miles
18.06.01 AFN Porsche Reading 22861 miles
23.09.02 AFN Porsche Reading 39335 miles
28.03.03 AFN Porsche Reading 48243 miles
13.02.04 GT One Porsche 61857 miles
27.04.05 Porsche Centre Bristol 68926 miles
23.05.06 Porsche Centre Bristol 75241 miles
25.06.07 SCS Porsche Devon 81921 miles
13.08.08 SCS Porsche Devon 87656 miles
12.11.09 SCS Porsche Devon 92229 miles
12.11.10 SCS Porsche Devon 95732 miles
24.02.12 SCS Porsche Devon 98974 miles
15.05.13 SCS Porsche Devon 102823 miles
10.04.14 SCS Porsche Devon 114127 miles
22.05.15 SCS Porsche Devon 122503 miles

The 3rd owner sold the car in 2015 and it came to Scotland, SP Autobahn in
Stirling have been maintaining the car since.

Brake fluid change
18.06.01 AFN Porsche Reading 22861 miles
27.04.05 Porsche Centre Bristol 68926 miles
25.06.07 SCS Porsche Devon 81921 miles
12.11.09 SCS Porsche Devon 92229 miles
12.11.10 SCS Porsche Devon 95732 miles
10.04.14 SCS Porsche Devon 114127 miles

The coach work presents well with gleaming paint work, and level panels that
are properly aligned. Its covered some miles and is no garage queen so it has
some light scrapes and one or two light trolley dings but very presentable
and as honest as the day is long. All factory labels present the most important
of which being the white label on underside of the bonnet.

The rims are in virtual perfect order with next to no marks and the correct
Silver finish. The tyres are all well shod and the brakes are excellent
with god looking cosmetics to the calipers.

The hard shell hard top affords the best of both seasons, the rigidity and
solid structure of the shell for winter and security purposes, with the option
to do the wind in your hair look at me thing should the sun shine. The exhaust
sounds wonderful and brings the engine to life, its lost without it, the
standard system is undramatic.
This is a car that can be used and enjoyed with no guilt or worry. Buy a good
one now while they are still affordable. This is entry level money for a
really sorted 911.

Key Information
* 300 Bhp Flat Six
* 2 remote keys
* Hard top removal key
* Owners pack & drivers manual
* Alloy locking wheel nut
* Totally hpi clear with full report
* Guaranteed warranted mileage
* Toolkit and spare wheel
* Radio code


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