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Stage 1 9E + Sachs 890 nm Clutch
62000 Miles - 2 Owners From New
Perfect History + Clutch + Brakes
This Is A Pampered Turbo

A fast appreciating turbocharged 911 coupe with a massive history file and an
example that is truly exceptional in every detail as such satisfying the highest
standards, if ever there was a car that suited the term " you get what you pay
for " then this is surely it. Probably the most affordable super car on the
market today, however that value is lost on a car whose maintenance has been
less than thorough. I am into the third year of ownership and it one of the few
joys in my life.

* Orient Red Pearl
* Electric Sunroof
* Fully electric seats
* Heated Front Seats
* Colour Coded Tunnel
* Centre Console Delete
* Top Tinted Windscreen
* Porsche CDR-22 CD Radio
* Turbo Centre Caps

Standard 996 TT Specification
* Bi Xenon Headlights
* Rain Sensor Wipers
* Bose Amplified Sound Processor
* Porsche Stability Management
* Auto Dimming Mirror

* Sun Protection Glass
* Mesh To Front Vents
* 15 mm Rear Wheel Spacers
* 996 GT3 RS gear shift boot
* Rear light fixers

Complete & Up To Date Porsche Dealer/Specialist Service History
( £27000 + Of Bills)
Proper servicing is key to any Porsche however in the turbo model it is
imperative to keep the servicing bang on, the vehicles require specialist
attention and know how so always buy on condition and history. Service
wise looked after from 2009 on by Nine Excellence and it has wanted for
literally nothing. Prior to 2009 the first keeper used the dealer network. The
service records are complete and wholly up to date and in line with programed
maintenance. The service intervals are every 2 years however this car has
been serviced every year. Completely up to date with OPC service and
brake fluid change last summer with little miles since.

Engine Service Stamps

17 09 2002 AFN Porsche Guildford 2060 miles - Minor
24 09 2003 AFN Porsche Guildford 5231 miles - Minor + Spark plug
18 01 2005 Chris Turner Porsche 9336 miles - Minor
23 09 2005 AFN Porsche Guildford 11107 miles - Major
19 09 2006 Paragon Porsche 12563 miles - Minor
09 09 2009 Harbour Cars Porsche 20803 miles - Major
08 07 2010 Northway Porsche 31423 miles - Major
10 07 2011 Nine Excellence Porsche 41793 miles - Minor
16 08 2012 Nine Excellence Porsche 50675 miles - Major
15 08 2013 Nine Excellence Porsche 55824 miles - Minor
06 08 2014 Nine Excellence Porsche 58351 miles - Major
14 08 2015 Porsche Glasgow OPC 61747 miles - Minor
16 08 2016 Porsche Edinburgh OPC 62228 miles - Minor
16 08 2017 Porsche Edinburgh OPC Next due - Major

Brake Fluid Service Stamps

18 01 2005 Chris Turner Porsche 9336 miles
23 09 2005 AFN Porsche Guildford 11107 miles
08 07 2010 Northway Porsche 31423 miles
16 08 2012 Nine Excellence Porsche 50675 miles
06 08 2014 Nine Excellence Porsche 58351 miles
16 08 2016 Porsche Edinburgh OPC 62228 miles

Some recent substantial bills have included,

New Sachs Clutch and release bearing
New Front brakes (discs and pads) + dampening plates and sensors
New Oxygen sensors
Inter cooler replaced o/s with pressure tested spare
New Manifold Bolts and exhaust gasket
New Exhaust heat shields
Refurbished Alternator & Wiring
Two New radiators
Fuel Pump + fuel level sensor
Brake Pipes renewed
New Air con condenser fitted
Reconditioned steering rack
New idler pulley
4 X New Michelin Pilot tyres
Laser wheel alignment to GT2 fast road set up
New front splitter
New spoiler drive kit
New Front mats
Air conditioning serviced

The record of spend is kept very neatly in a large ring binder and the record
keeping has been meticulous and a labor of love. Everything is laid out and
presented with care and pride, money has been no object to keeping this
superstar vehicle in tip top condition. Ran on Shell V Power 99 Ron fuel,
used as regular as the climate allows, I never use it in anything other than
dry conditions and always valeted with sympathy and stored indoors with a
cover and trickle charger on.


Stage 1 9E Upgrade + Sachs 890 nm Clutch
These two upgrades were in excess of £5200 and transform the car, a 996T
Mezger engine is highly tune-able in the right hands and even modest mapping
creates a whole new level of performance. The 60 - 130 has been timed in mid
8 second area which is more than a full 3 second improvement over the stock
figures. This turbo will now comfortably compete and hold its own with far
newer higher horse power rated Super cars and will literally shock the life out
of other very expensive kit.

Nine Excellence based in the South are the go to established highly regarded
tuners specifically qualified and skilled in performance upgrading turbocharged
911s. The stage 1 raises the power considerably taking the performance clear
and beyond Porsche's own X50 pack and creates a truly exhilarating driving
experience raising the power reserves of the car by approximately 20% with
significant improvements across 60 - 100 and 60 - 130 times. As part of the
process the diverter valves were upgraded and a performance panel filter
added. One should always be dubious when you hear of a car of this quality
being remapped for hundreds of pounds, there is no cheap way to reliably
improve the performance on them, it is essential to be done right.

I have also recently fitted a Sachs 890 nm clutch. This clutch is brilliant,
a wee bit quicker uptake, however a very light pedal as standard pedal with
same inertia. This is a do it once and forget it upgrade, its a very high
quality part and a must for any tuned Turbo.

Tyres are Michelin Pilot (N Rated)
Tracker horizon is fitted
Note : Private plate is not included
Every mot from new 3 yrs old - 2005 on
Proper HPi report
2 Original working crested remote keys
Certificate Of Authenticity
Detailed Spread Of Bills

Fantastic low mileage highly specified model in wonderful condition. This car
is of high quality with an A1 history file and fully stamped service booklet.
This vehicle represents the very best of the model in every detail. Face lift
model example, so includes glove compartment / cup holders etc. This is
a very distinctive shade of Red which is a far superior prospect to the Silver
Black and Blue shades that are common to the model, there are actually very
few shades to choose from and this one is very rewarding. Similar to Arena Red
with a Pink hue.

The price is the price for all the reasons set out above. It reflects a car that
has virtual perfect paintwork and no jobs to do which in my experience is a rare
thing. Recently my brother set out to replace his own car with the best 6T he
could find and found the task a long and lonely affair, the difference between this
car and 90 % of the cars in any marketplace is substantial, you get what you pay
for. In three years I have not come across an example that rivals it this despite
being blessed to have a lot of cars pass through our hands.


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