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13 Stamp Service Record
Pampered Car In Beautiful Condition

Investment Model
Since its launch in 1996, the Boxster has seen of all comers. Driving
the car you soon realize that still nothing comes close. The best
Roadster money can buy? Probably. As a package the Boxster is as
close to a precision driving instrument that any of us are likely
to get, to get a better performance drop top you have to spend an
awful lot more money, and this is why the Boxster is so successful,
a virtually unrivaled convertible that has sensible running costs
and renound reliability.

* Zenith Blue metallic
* 17 " Technology alloys
* Black hood
* Black comfort leather
* CD changer
* Electric roof
* Driver computer
* Rear wind deflector
* Sony Ipod/Iphone compatible head unit
* Fitted branded carpet mats

This is an extremely well appointed car, boasting a good level
of specification, comparing this model to similar model years will
reveal that it surely stands out. The Zenith metallic paint
compliments the lines of the Boxster so well. Contrasting Black
leathers, Black coloured hood. Its a curious thing how the same car
can drive differently to the next, probably a result of how much money
has been spent and/or how much mechanical sympathy has been given by
the owner. Having owned scores of these cars I can comment that this
one is simply superb. The sound of the engine, the ease of it winding up,
the way you can hear it breathing and gasping the air, the vocal clarity
of it beyond 4000 rpm, a short drive in this 2.5 and you just know its
right. You could spend double the money for a car half the mileage and
not get as sorted a tool. Starting to look really good know these early
models with simple lines and amber lenses. Listen up to what I am saying.

First registered and pre delivery inspected by JCT 600 in Newcastle Upon
Tyne on 26.05.99. This is a matching numbers car with all original factory
panels. The engine and gearbox are matching as manufactured and nothing
has been changed. Its free from any adverse information and has never
been in a bump. Its a car I am familiar with.

History & Servicing 13 Stamped Engine Services
The history is complete and wholly up to date. All 13 service stamps and
brake fluid changes have been pictured in the gallery. Currently this Porsche
has no outstanding issues and all systems working correctly, its a total
pleasure to view and to drive.

The Drive
The 2.5 is widely regarded as the most reliable and hardy engine in
the Boxster 986 model line. Rated at 204 horsepower, the 2.5-liter
flat-six cylinder power plant propels the Boxster from 0 to 62 mph in 6.5;
seconds, and to a top track speed of 150 mph. Its so well geared and
having owned all of the variants its probably the most rewarding model
to drive, suiting the power of the chassis so well it gets the best
from your own input.

Other Information

Chassis : WPOZZZ98ZXU600597
Engine : 65X15804

You get what you pay for in life, you wont find a 20 year old Boxster that
drives as well as this in a hurry. Values of these cars have stopped going
South and this kind of value will shortly become a thing of the past.
Trust me people, this is a great example.

* HPI Clear in every respect
* MOT 24.10 2019
* Porsche owners Wallet
* Owners handbook
* All engine labels


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