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Volvo 850 T-5 CD Saloon Manual - Showcar

Rica ECU Upgrade 280 Map

Ripspeed S/S Exhaust

Big White Fuelling System (See Below)

Superb Documented Servicing

Sensational Condition

Very Rare Car

Performance Tuning
Aside the pristine preserved condition this is not only an exciting T5 its is a
Volvo that I am very excited about. Professional upgrading has transformed an
already quick saloon into a genuine modern day performance road car with no
compromise to reliability or comfort, it is they say a stone cold sleeper.
Rica ECU 280 bhp upgrade with the fuelling system upgraded with Big White
injectors to be fully compatible with the remap taking the power beyond the
R version by a considerable margin. This is all certificated with letter of
recommendation for reference and designed to run on 98 Ron fuel. 40 mm lowering
springs recently refreshed, and a wonderful sounding Ripspeed stainless steel
exhaust system with a mid sports note to bring the fabulous 5 cylinder burble
to the fore. 17 " Titan alloys finish the exterior. The new coil springs provide
a wonderful ride with no harsh feel.

Modern Classic Rising
A car that is deemed collectible regardless of age, the T5 was simply a car
that changed Volvo forever, it marked a turning point for the brand and when the
T5 debuted it was a marvel, quickly being embraced by the police for its outright
speed and indestructible longevity. As an ownership proposition these cars are now
totally depreciation proof and are in truth rising in value due to virtual zero
availability, quite simply there are none for sale at time of writing making this
cosseted example even more obscure. The build quality is legendary, characterful
drive and sound and unmistakable 90s looks. This is a guaranteed future classic and
a quick search of classifieds reveal no other car such as this available on the
market with how many left suggesting that as few as maybe 20 T-5 manuals are left
in existence. This is a no risk four wheel financial investment, get in fast.

Delivered and pre delivery inspected by Romans Volvo of Bath on 18/08/95 and
first registered to the first owner on 31/08/95. No less that 21 services detailed
in the original service booklet and as the car has got older the servicing has
been in depth and preventative (see images). Every mot right back to the very
first one in 1998 with a total of 20 separate mot certificates all neatly
arranged in a presentation folder amongst many historic invoices dating all the
way back. The cambelt was changed at 111k with miles now showing 129k with Shell
Helix ultra oil being used and the engine flushed routinely.

Recent Maintenance
- New set of coil springs.
- New rear brake calliper's.
- New anti roll bar links.
- New drop links
- New exhaust clamps.
- Oil, fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, fuel injector treatment, brakes &
slides all re greased.

CD Specification
This example has the lot including winter pack, cruise, fully electric memory
seats, remote central locking, driver computer, cd changer, maple wood veneer,
anti theft alarm and glass break sensor. Working air conditioning as well as
the superb standard premium amplified sound system with graphic equaliser.
Electric aerial, integrated booster cushion in the rear. Perfect headlining,
immaculate leather seats, door cards, door shuts and inners. The boot is as new
and the engine bay is stunning in every detail as well as bonnet underside.
The underside of the car is rock solid. The carpets are all as new and finished
with the correct branded Volvo deep pile carpet mats

Winter Pack
* Headlamp intensive cleaning
* Driver & passenger heated seats
* Heated mirrors
* Front fog lights
* Mud flap set

The bodywork really is in fantastic condition for any car never mind one this
age. The cabin is all perfect and everything works exactly as it should.
The paint is stunning virtually without any marks at all other than the
merest of stone chips and a speckles to the front bumper which are almost
invisible. The deep Red Volvo paint literally blazes in the sun and is beautiful
after a high def shine, it is jaw droopingly nice with a wet look finish. The
alloys have a tidy finish and clean in and out, all tyres in great order.
The engine bay is expertly detailed and the impression is that of an extremely
clean highly detailed car, which it is. The underside defies belief, the engine
sump and gearbox are bone dry.

Super fast and the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing, capable of superb
performance if and when required, and excellent traction & grip though
equally with the ability to return an incredible 36 mpg on the run, tried and
tested. This is more than an extremely good driver even for a 21 year old car
however that was how they were made, to last. Not a knock or a bang from any
suspension components, no disappointment, all electrics in excellent working
order including computer functions, drives and presents like a 3 year old
vehicle with no weak areas in any way. Begs to be driven and used only if the
next owner is prepared to maintain the extremely high standards it has become
accustomed to.

Key Facts
- Hpi clear with certificate
- Mot May 9th with no advise
- Suede owners wallet & all handbooks
- Full toolkit (jack, brace etc)
- Spare wheel
- Alarm manual
- Radio code
- Volvo CD Changer
- Presentation folder of bills
- 7 Previous owners



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