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1983 Audi Coupe GT 5S (B2-Type 81) 2.2 Fuel Injection 2144cc 5 cylinder
126,000 Miles
Highly Original
Immaculate Interior
A1 Driver

The B2
The Quattro's little brother with the same 5-cylinder soundtrack. Evocative eighties
coupe well presented in Silver Grey with an immaculate grey cloth interior. The
2.2-litre 5-cylinder develops a useful 136 bhp with fuel injection and with front wheel
drive is a sharper and quicker car to drive than the Quattro, the engine feels alive.
Values of these early cars are rising sharply partly due to dwindling availability, and,
the soar in price of the Quattro Turbo models helping to pull the socks up on early
simple models.

A366 HNE
It’s been a very long time since I even saw one of these on the road. This is a
matching numbers car as it left the factory. Factory standard in every detail
aside the useful addition of remote central locking.
Never been abused bumped or welded, wholly consistent with the preserved condition.
Probably the most original example in the country. Remarkable order for its years
inside and out. Drives and sounds fantastic. Must be driven and seen to
be appreciated. To find a B3 model such as this is extremely rare with a
sensible warranted mileage, DVLA site details very few of these cars on the road.
The condition of the interior is incredible, the seats look a mere few years old, a
factor that lets most of these old Audis down.

Chassis no 85DA167654
Engine no KE015013

Servicing & Maintenance
Well maintained, recent work to various suspension components, and two new front
wheel bearings. The timing belt was changed this year. The most recent owner used
the car to commute from Lancashire to London and has made it spot o to drive.
The underside is in good condition for a car its age.

The B2
An Audi of this vintage is for someone who really appreciates the nature of it,
the build quality is class leading, the longevity of the materials used in the
manufacturing process are absolute top quality, and it’s a very well-engineered
package, a joy to drive and a unique driving experience. The mechanicals in this
model are stuff of legends, we hear story’s of monstrous mileages without overhauls,
with such a very low mileage the engine has lots of power and feels barely run
in. Finding one today is difficult — and locating an unmodified example that
has never been bumped or the panels removed is nigh impossible.
The 80’s all-business cabin is pure Germano-functional luxury. The interior also
contains a trio of gauges made by VDO that were common to the era’s autobahn
missiles. It’s safe to say that the B2 Coupe was conceived at a time when Audi
was establishing their identity — the brand was buzzing from its domination of
the World Rally Championship, but it was also trying to make inroads into the
luxury-car market.

The 2.2 5 Cylinder
Fuel injected engine was paired with front-wheel drive and a five-speed manual
transmission. Developing 136 bhp, it does not sound much by todays standard however
this car really fly’s, the delivery of the power keeps you pressing on. There’s
a stiff spot in the accelerator pedal’s travel that tells you when you’ve begun
to open the secondary throttle butterfly — and that’s when the five-pot music
starts. Upon hearing its gnarly haunting exhaust note, you are helplessly
transported to a rally stage where a Group B Audi Quattro might pass a throng
of frenzied spectators, the five pot being one of the most evocative engines
Audi ever made.

Investment - Time has stood still for this Audi
A very special Audi, all original, never been meddled with. These vehicles
have begun to reach iconic status and are contemporary classics already.
The many detailed images should leave no doubt as to what we have here.
At time of writing I can’t find any others.

- 7 previous owners
- 2 keys, 2 remotes
- Spare wheel
- Toolkit
- Old MOTs and invoices

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