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Unrepeatable 56000 Miles - 3 Owners
Lifestyle Cricket Green Pearl
Complete Service History
The Best In The Country

First registered and pre delivery inspected by Milton Keynes Audi
dealer on 03.01.1996 as a dealer demo and show car for the stand
finished in lifestyle shade of Cricket Green Pearl. The second
keeper’s tenure lasted only one year when it was traded back to
Audi dealer and sold onto its second private owner on 22.05.1997,
a Mr Griffin in Newcastle who was a surgeon. He owned the S2 for
just under 4 years when he sold it to its 3rd and final owner, a
Mr Flannigan from Durham who has lavished it with care for the last
18 + years.
I bought the car from him personally and travelled to view and
collect it. I have owned a few of these cars over the years however
this has eclipsed them all in terms of condition and originality,
it’s a 10/10 example. Its well known in the Audi S2 enthusiast club
and widely regarded as being the best S2 in the country bar none.

This is a matching numbers car as it left the factory. It has been
beautifully cared for and stored, never driven in the wet and garaged
on top of a carpet, used sparingly with only 20000 miles accumulated
in the last 18 years.
An excellent service record, no accidents or bumps, never been
interfered with by anyone other than qualified people and has been
finely tuned and upgraded (detailed below), and all the better for it.
I handle lots of classic cars however this is in the top 5 cars I
have ever owned, very very special. Must be driven and seen to be
Uber rare, stunning, low mileage original example. Believe me when
I say that this is a once in a lifetime car, the opportunity is
unlikely to ever come again.
The condition is sublime, the many images barely convey the level
this car is at, the details like the door shits, door inners, the e
ngine bay, the boot carpet, the boot shut, the interior plastics
and the seats are hard to capture with anything other than the
naked eye.

Chassis no WAUZZZ8BZRA004474
Engine no ABY003828

- Cricket Green Pearl Lifestyle Colour
- 6 Speed Manual 01E Gearbox
- ET 37 7.5 J 16 " Avus Alloys 205 55 tyres
- Jaquard Satin Anthracite Upholstery Quattro Script
- Nardi Torino Steering Wheel (Non airbag model)
- Carbon pack
- Full electric pack
- Factory Fitted Electric Sunroof
- Silver instrument dials
- VDO Gauges (Oil pressure, Oil temp, Voltmeter)
- Toad Security - Remote Central Locking Alarm/Immob
- Carbon fibre number plate surrounds
- Fitted Mats

Bespoke Upgrades
The S2 in stock format was a capable Sports coupe, however, it’s a
heavy car such is the depth of engineering, the 4wd system and the
quality of the metal in the panels. As such, the stock power of
230 bhp in the facelift cars was enough but fell short of being
thrilling. The robust nature of the internals and the gearbox allow
for massive power hikes without any modification to the fundamentals
of the engine. Given its weight, the cars Achilles heel was also
the braking system, which even when new was not impressive. When
done correctly a simple tune and manipulation of the ECU unleashed
considerably more power, and, consequently the braking system would
then need upgrading. The standard exhaust also strangled the power,
the system fitted to this car allows it to breathe, though crucially
is as quiet as the factory parts, you would not know it’s been upgraded.

The points above have been addressed carefully and sympathetically
with a number of other sensible upgrades that have been added to
this Green machine without compromising the looks or originality
of the car, they do however transform the driving experience. Having
owned several standard S2 cars over the last 20 years this is the
car they should have built from the factory, bringing it closer to
the performance of the formidable RS2 model.

- Custom tune by Paul Nugent " Homefries" (founder of S2 Central Forum)
elevating the power to a reliable and safe 300 bhp. This has flattened
out the Turbo lag and gives the power curve a more linear smoother
delivery, the turbo charges harder and higher up the rev range,
especially noticeable in higher gears at motorway speeds. Ultra-smooth
with perfect idle, and will return over 30 mpg on a sensible run on
Super unleaded fuel which it has always been run on. This a mild tune up.

- Full stainless-steel sports exhaust system from the catalyst back,
two and three quarter inch
- 2 stainless steel sports cats (system cost almost £1400)

- Front brakes, Audi S8 drilled front discs, Pagid pads, Porsche 996
calliper’s painted in Yellow, stainless steel braided brake hoses.
New caliper carriers at cost of £1000.
-Rear brakes, complete kit including, S8 discs, Pagid pads, S8
calliper’s, new caliper carriers, stainless steel braided brake hoses

Four new Bilstein shock absorbers, the ride is superb, with no knocks
or movement even on the harshest ground, as comfortable as a brand-new

In superb condition, in and out. Matching Avon ZZR tyres to the correct
spec, the 16 " alloys is the correct dish for the hub, increasing these
to a bigger rim would only ruin the balance and ride. The spare is a
full-size alloy that is brand new and never been fitted.

15mm spacers added to all four corners to create a more dynamic look with
the addition of 12 new longer wheel bolts and locking wheel nuts

Service History
Every MOT from the first one in 1999 right through. Any periods off the
road are detailed with corresponding SORN declarations. The mileage is
completely accurate warranted and verified. 7 service entries in the
service book and a stack of paperwork in the documentation folder. The
receipts go right back to a few years old with all documentation for
services. Recent work has included the following below.

- Cambelt and tensioner at 51513 miles
- New radiator assembly
- New reverse light switch
- New front springs
- New drop links

Other information
* Totally HPi clear
* Full V5
* New MOT upon sale (expired 19/08/19)
* 2 keys
* 3 toad remote fobs
* Certificate of install and lifetime warranty for Toad system
* Leather owners’ wallet
* Owners instruction manual
* Sony CD with user manual and storage case
* Complete toolkit
* Original wheel jack
* First aid kit
* Warning triangle
* 3 original glossy sales brochures
* Technical specifications pamphlet
* Price list pamphlet

The 90’s all-business cabin is pure Germano-functional luxury. The
interior containing a trio of gauges made by VDO that were common to
the era’s autobahn missiles, but closer inspection reveals a button
to lock the rear differential. In full working order in every detail,
every switch.

It’s safe to say that the S2 was conceived at a time when Audi was
struggling to find its identity — the brand was still buzzing from
its domination of the World Rally Championship, but it was also trying
to make inroads into the luxury-car market. Of this existential struggle,
there is no better example than the S2.
The 20V Turbo is a high-strung, all-wheel-drive, 155-mph autobahn stormer
that derived its coolness from Audi’s rally heritage. These five-cylinder
engines are bulletproof and rewards the driver in a way very few cars can.

The car is designed for someone who really appreciates the nature of it.
The mechanicals in this model are stuff of folklore, we hear stories of
monstrous mileages without overhauls, it is silken through a silky
drivetrain and surefooted silent 4-wheel drive. These cars are legendary
now, with the UR models fetching big money these cars still have a long
way to go in terms of appreciation, safer than any money in the bank.
These vehicles are already starting to reach iconic status and are
contemporary classics already, to have this impressive and desirable
low mileage example is a treat and I have debated whether to keep
it long term, if I don't get the money for it that’s what will happen,
it really belongs in a museum or part of a serious collection. The many
detailed images should leave no doubt as to what we have here.

A worthy spiritual successor to the formative Audi Quattro, which was
flawed in many ways. Upon hearing its gnarly, haunting exhaust note, you
are helplessly transported to a rally stage where a Group B Audi Quattro
might pass a throng of frenzied spectators, the five pot being one of
the most evocative engines Audi ever made. Finding one today is
difficult — and locating an example like this just about impossible.

Valuation wise I feel I have priced it right. I see two other cars listed at
£19500 and £21995, one has 59k, the other 79k. They are not a patch on this
and would require £0000s spending to even get close. In addition, they are
not as special, nor are they enhanced as this example is, they are chalk and
cheese. Values for the best S2 cars are rising, so whatever the cost today
to buy, it will only be worth more next year and the year after.


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