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1999 Ferrari F1 360 Modena UK RHD Car
43000 Miles - Impeccable History
£22000 + Of Bills
Rare High Specification
What A Car!

A low mileage UK Maranello Sales commissioned Right Hand Drive Ferrari 360
Presented in a rare classic Ferrari colour combination. There are a few 360's
to choose from but based upon originality, spec, history, low mileage and
condition this is by far the most competitively priced 360 available.
Perfect if you are purchasing as an investment opportunity. The rare colour
makes the car infinitely more collectible and therefore more valuable
especially if future return on investment is seen as a priority. New
Ferraris are being chosen in this colour so its very much in vogue.
J12 XTC is a superb example. A low mileage, well maintained appreciating
asset, garaged and always properly warmed up before use. Professionally
detailed inside and out completely prepared for regular use or for careful

Despite its years the 360 still remains effervescently contemporary and
current. A genuinely stylish supercar that remains confidently true to its
proud title Modena. 360 v 355? Don't believe a word of what the so called
purist's tell you - The 400BHP V8 coupled with lightweight aluminium
components and the updated and refined F355 F1 Gearbox, gives the 360 a
fantastic performance that was a substantial improvement over its

Factory Specification
A high specifciation with any key factory options that set this 360 apart
from the crowd. Costing in excess of £130,000 new.

- Fiorano Rosso Metallic
- F1 Gearbox 6 speed
- Daytona Black Leather seats with Red leather Daytona inserts
- Fully electric seats
- Nero & Red Leather (stitched) dash & door inserts
- Ferrari Logo embossed headrests
- Bordeaux dashboard
- Leather headlining in Bordeaux
- Steering whel in Bordeaux
- Xenon headlights
- Ferrari battery charger with case
- Dedication plate in Silver

The Car
Originally supplied by Ferrari Maranello Sales Ltd. Egham (UK), first
registered on 24th November 1999 this impressive 360 was supplied as a
congratulations present for the very lucky first owner Officer Dianne C
Smith for her graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy. A truly unique
& distinctive interior and exterior colour combination.

Service History
Most recent owner 14/05/2010 to just a few days ago and covering just
10,000 miles in that period around 1100 miles average per year although
only around 500 miles driven in the past 3 years. Current mileage 43,600
fully documented and certified by DVLA records. Last Major Service
(at substantial cost) only 600 miles ago Migliore Cars, Bromsgrove. New
clutch fitted at 38,000 miles. 5 previous owners which is not many for
a 20 yr old Ferrari.

Comprehensive Service History - 15 Stamps including an expensive recent
major service. The car has been well maintained and looked after its
entire life and there is an extensive Ferrari main dealer and independent
specialist history file accompanying the car with much of the early
maintenance and servicing committed by Maranello. The paper records date
right back to one year old.

14/12/00 - 9886 Miles Maranello Ferrari Main Dealer
21/01/02 - 13539 Miles Maranello Ferrari Main Dealer
22/01/03 - 14367 Miles Maranello Official Ferrari Dealer
19/12/03 - 14893 Miles Lancaster Official Ferrari Dealer (Cam-belt Service)
22/02/05 - 19278 Miles Shiltech Performance Cars Ferrari Specialist (30Km
Major Service) inc Cam-belts and Full Clutch
26/02/08 - 23541 Miles R&D Automotive Ferrari Specialist (Cam-belt Service)
27/04/10 - 29396 Miles M P Supercars Ferrari Specialist (New Clutch, Cam-belt
15/07/11 - 34532 Miles Supercar Clinic Ferrari specialist (New Ball Joints)
4/04/12 - 35679 Miles Supercar Clinic Ferrari Specialist (Cam-belt Service
and Bearings)
22/08/12 - 37640 Miles GT Auto Ferrari Specialist (New Clutch & Service)
13/08/15 - 41320 Miles Migliore Cars Ferrari Specialist
05/07/16 - 41648 Miles Migliore Cars Ferrari Specialist (Cam-belt Service,
3 x New FOB(s)
inc. Master FOB, new doors/lock inner & outer cables)
03/08/2016 - 41705 Miles Supercar Clinic Ferrari Specialist (Cam Cover Seals
& Gaskets,
Plates and O-rings, New Starter Motor)
15/08/2017 - 42000 Stone-chip, Paint Detailing/Reconditioning & Anti-corrosion
Prevention Treatment
23/10/18 - 43000 Migliore Cars Ferrari Specialist (Full Major Service plus
new door locks, new sump drain plug)

£22000 + Worth Of Bills
This car has an extensive service history file with a substantial
amount of supporting paperwork revealing; regular maintenance including
numerous cam-belt changes, several clutch changes and all of the usual
'common' 360 faults have been remedied - alarm siren replacement, ball
joints, inner and outer door locking cables replaced, replacement of cam
covers/gaskets/ rear cam seal plate/O rings & ample regular servicing
throughout its life.

The car is supplied with 3 Ferrari security FOBs including the Master FOB,
& 3 keys; plus a current fully insurance compliant active Global Telemetrics
Tracker System.

Also included - a quality Navsure slide and tilt Satellite Navigation System -
combined HIFI/CD/Radio, original red Ferrari Car Cover, original Ferrari
toolkit, genuine Ferrari trickle/battery charger/conditioner all in original
leather Ferrari cases, original Ferrari Service Manual(s) Inc. Ferrari
leather wallet with all relevant service documents, owner manual(s); tracker
There is also a substantial history file dating back to when the car was new
with numerous invoices & maintenance receipts the most recent for a full
major Service only 600 miles ago. The correct Ferrari Alloy Wheels are near
perfect having been refurbished in 2017, the correct Bridgestone Potenza tyres
all have ample tread.

The exterior Rosso Fiorano paint is rich, deep and glossy, showing off the
classic colour perfectly having undergone, no expense spared, anti-corrosion
prevention treatment including, detailing/reconditioning and some minor
restoration to the nose area to remove stone chips and minor blemishes.

This Ferrari is currently looking nearly as good as it did when new and it
drives as good as it looks having wanted for nothing, mechanically or
otherwise, during the previous owners 10 years of ownership.

As with the exterior the interior presents very well indeed with the large
majority of the plastic coatings and brushed aluminium surfaces in good
to very good order.

The bespoke leather dash is spectacular, a real standout feature and a major
future selling point. The split Nero/Red leather interior is classy, bright
and free from any rips or tears and compliments the distinctive Rosso Fiorano
exterior perfectly. The fully functioning electric seats have a firm shape
and supple texture and still retain a clean, rich and bright finish to the
black leather, which also smells amazing.

Performance And Specification

The glorious bullet proof Ferrari 3.6 litre V8!
400 BHP - No other engine sounds quite like it.
0-60MPH in a scintillating 4.2 seconds
0-100MPH in just over 8.00 second
An impressive Top Speed of 187MPH.

Standard Features include

Original Ferrari 5 spoke Alloy Wheels (refurbished 2017),
Twin Airbags,
Multi-function/lumbar support Electric Seats,
Scuderia Wing Shields, (brand new ones not yet fitted)
AC/Climate Control,
Interactive (you can turn it off if you are mad!) Traction Control (ASC),
Electric Windows,
Heated electric Door Mirrors,
Slide & Tilt SatNav, Stereo Radio/CD,
Power Steering,
'Sport' Mode or 'Normal' mode,
Remote Central Locking,
Bi Xenon Headlights with Wash.
Fully Insurance Compliant Factory Fitted Thatcham Alarm & Immobiliser,
All Original Ferrari Handbooks & Owner Manuals,
Ferrari Toolkit - in Leather case
Ferrari Battery Charger in the original Ferrari Leather Case
New (genuine), Black Ferrari Over mats,
Genuine Red Ferrari Car-Cover,
Extensive History/Maintenance File,
Full Ferrari 360 Factory Workshop Manuals (PDF on CD),
3 x Keys,
3 x FOBs Inc. Master FOB
Modena Factory Issued Key code(s) to enable additional FOB Programming,
Fully Insurance Compliant Telemetrics Active Tracker System,
MOT to Nov 2019
DVLA V5C Logbook
HPI Vehicle Check (states clear both accidents and finance).

A Premium Private Number Plate is also included with sale (valued at £750+).

Driver Insight
The 360s are viewed by many experts, as being practically bullet proof. This
is without doubt so true. The V8 engine is tough, 400BHP of high revving
Ferrari magic with an unmistakable F1 noise that sounds almost like a
Superbike not a Supercar. The Ferrari 360 is rapidly becoming the most
appealing supercar driver experiences plus investment opportunity around.

The 360 is a very fast car, but also very resilient and reliable, a car which
is easy to get on with no matter what the circumstances are around you. Both
challenging but also forgiving when you need it to be. Pre the 360 there has
never been a Ferrari which you could jump into and drive so easily.

The Rare Rosso Fiorano colour and bespoke Nero/Red Leather interior
combination will insure that this 360 stands out from the many other common
Rosso Red, Black, Silver or Blue 360s you will always find in the current,
buoyant market. It is the rare colour combination of this car that will ensure
that she will continue to stand-out from the crowd and continue to appreciate
in value.

Investment Potential
The F1 360 is now widely considered as a modern classic which is far more
reliable, therefor far more affordable and easier to maintain than both the
430 and the 458 which have superseded it. It is widely considered mechanically
bullet proof and therefore affordable & usable on a daily basis.

430's seem to be slowing down price-wise or have even stalled, that is if you
can even find a low to medium miles, reliable, example? However, in
comparison, the 360 having recently gone thru a rapid price rise it has slowed
down which makes NOW a good time to buy, to get yourself on the
Ferrari ladder.

Low mileage (pre-50K) 360 examples are becoming harder to find. The 360 is
therefore considered an affordable investment opportunity with potential year
on year, increasing yields.

If a Ferrari 360 is your dream there are still quite a few about to choose
from but if you are looking at your purchase as primarily an investment
opportunity you need to choose carefully. Your choice needs to have features
that makes your investment more unusual, collectible and desirable.

The only way is up!
If you select the right car, with the right colour/spec/mileage/service history
then you will be able to enjoy it for 3-5 years (or for as long as you wish)
confident in the knowledge you will receive a reasonable return on your
investment when you eventually sell. Investors (not just car enthusiasts) are
buying them up and storing them and this is inflating the market value (good
and bad depending where you are in the equation).

I have owned many high powered exotic cars over the last 25 years however
have remained pretty loyal to the Porsche brand. I am a long term 911 Turbo
owner and wrongly assumed that the 360 would not be as entertaining or as
rewarding to pilot. I was wrong. I personally drove this car from Liverpool
to Central Scotland and it was one of the most memorable drives ever. Its so
engaging, and, simple to drive, very comfortable, effortless and exhilarating
when prodded.
The sound is incredible, it draws admiration from any angle. The previous
owner was a very knowledgeable and careful enthusiast who owned a modest
collection of sports cars, all of them a credit to him. As an ownership
experience its without doubt more exciting than a Porsche, and from the
detailed history file not any dearer to service and maintain.


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