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1986 Volkswagen Golf GTi 8v Type 19
97,000 Genuine Miles
1 Previous Keeper
Original Ownership of 30yrs
31 Stamps & Huge History File inc' Original Order Form & More

Chassis WVWZZZ19ZHW122532
Supplied by Ian Skelly Glasgow Ltd.
To Mr Logan of Cambeltown
On 19.09.1986

Once a common place sight on the roads of Europe and today arguably the most admired
and coveted hot hatch of all. The sands of time have ensured that literally very few examples
remain and of those few even fewer will present correctly. This early small bumper car is a
rarity now. The big Bumper models are more plentiful and one can argue not as pure, the
earlier Mk2 car retaining much of the clean cut Mk1 look, the later cars always look bloated
in comparison, as such narrow bumper cars are now becoming more collectable.

D73EKS is a very tidy Black 3dr GTI, the definitive hot hatch with just one previous owner
from 1986 through to Valentine’s day in 2017 which is over 30 years! A complete package
with everything from the original bill of sale, owners pack and a huge history file with no less
than 31 service entries all presented in superb turn-key condition.

Original datacard sticker showing the following factory option codes
NG9 unknown
197 45 amp battery 12v
403 steel rim
409 sports seat
560 steel sliding sunroof manual
643 tray for front doors
656 front seat with height adjust drivers
731 unknown
930 inside adjust for front mirror left

Other Specification
Solid Black
Original BBS 15" alloy wheels
No Power Steering
Manual windows
Manual Sunroof
Manual mirrors
Manual locking
Tinted glass
Graduated tinted front window
Heated rear window
Onboard trip computer

Service History
A comprehensive file of history accompanies the paperwork with ream of receipts and
invoices and previous MoT certificates. The original VAG service history booklet is
present with the following documented service intervals..

PDI carried out 19/9/1986
9/87  7,463  Ian Skelly Glasgow
11/88  12,047  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
11/89  19,860  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
11/90  25,240  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
11/91  32,180  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
9/92  38,344  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
9/93  45,778  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
9/94  55,459  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
9/95  62,534  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
1/97  71,376  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
3/98  79,072  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
8/99  80,926  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
9/00  82,739  Campbeltown motor company Glasgow (invoice present)
9/02  85,155  Donaldson Motor Company Glasgow VW Audi specialists
8/03  86,773  M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
9/04  88,309  M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
9/05  89,612 M&R motors Campbeltown
9/06  90,536 M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
9/07  91,584  M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
11/08  92,521  M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
11/09  93,191  M&R Motors Campbeltown
11/10  93,827  M&R Motors Campbeltown
10/12  94,771  M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
11/13  95,065 M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)
10/14  95,557 M&R Motors Campbeltown (invoice present)

Additional service book entries stamped in an extension to the manufacturers service

9/07  91,584 M&R Motors, Campbeltown
11/09  93,191 M&R Motors, Campbeltown
11/10  93,827  M&R Motors, Campbeltown
10/11  94,457 M&R Motors, Campbeltown
11/15 95,958  M&R Motors, Campbeltown (invoice present)
10/16 96,175 M&R Motors, Campbeltown

31 Stamps in total.

All Previous MOT’s are Present
1989  18,659
1990  23,918
1992  38,079
1993  45,188
1994  55,292
1995  62,305
1996  68,766
1999  81,415
2000  82,732
2001  84,728
2003  86,768
2006  90,533
2007  91,586
2008  92,523
2009  93,189
2010  93,727
2011  94,456
2012  94,771
2012  94,768
2013  95,374
2014  95,562
2015  95,958
2016  96,175
2017  96,940
2018  97,106
2019  97,450

Additional Recent Works
200, new new brake hoses, new front subframe, wheel alignment.
2002 head lamps, rear axle bushes.
2000 timing belt.
2004 brake hoses, brake calipers, rear discs and pads.
2008 lower suspension bushes.
2012 timing belt and reset valve timings 94,712 miles, lower suspension arms.
2015 2 new front suspension struts.
2017 4 wheel alignment, 4 new springs, full bush kit, tie rod ends, anti-roll bar kit, rear
strut upper and lower bushes, wheel bearing kit, S/S exhaust, rear discs and pads, front
discs and pads, new battery
2018 new clutch and alternator belt.
2019 engine mount, battery.

Additional Provenance
Invoice from 1998 for the fitment of an Apollo 2002 immobiliser
Hand written notes covering the following..
Correspondence from the first owner to Ian Skelly asking about a set of wire BBS alloys
to be fitted pre-delivery.
Notes referring to the pricing of the vehicle to include a radio cassette, alarm and wheels.
Notes made by the first owner about warranty lengths and contact details, obviously a
well-considered purchase which is evident due to the length of time Mr. Logan retained
the GTI.

The Drive
It sits perfectly on it's standard suspension set-up, with no clunks or knocks either, just a
solid firm and well absorbed ride. Having owned a few I can comment that all old engines
drive differently. This one runs very well compared to all the other ones I have driven and
would appear to retain all it's power and free revving zest that makes a GTi a GTi.
It's all totally stock but is really well tuned and has lots of torque in any gear at any time. This
is an all systems go car ready to be enjoyed when the mood and the weather allows. The
car moves as one whole piece, perhaps even better than I remember reaffirming that
subsequent generations have robbed the car of it's dynamic feel and driver enjoyment. If
you want practicality, performance and strength in one affordable package, few cars will
deliver like the Mk2 GTi and is easily the most practical and sensible everyday modern
classic in its price range.

The cabin is clean and bone dry and has the feel of an unabused cared for interior with
a good uncracked dash, headlining, door cards, chairs and carpets. Next to no wear at all
to any switchgear, gear shifter etc, in reality these interiors were designed to take some
punishment. A little wear to the driver seat lower bolster is the only point to note though
seems to be pretty much a standard across all used Golf's of this vintage. Original VW
rubber mats are present, all is in working order.

Matching Pirelli P6000 performance tyres all round with clean rims that are unmarked. The
BBS crosswire alloys set the car apart, rarely seen now ad they have an appeal all of their
own. Finished with the correct BBS centre caps.

Other Info
V5 Registration Document
MoT expires 01.2020
Owners pack & manuals
Service booklet with 31 entries
2 sets of keys - 2 immobiliser fobs
Original Skelly branded order form / pricelist showing the list price of the GTI at £9,193
Original VAG service folder with an Ian Skelly sticker on the front cover.
Original owner’s manual dated 7.86.
Recovery service paperwork containing the recovery credit card STILL affixed to the accompanying letter
showing a cover expiry date of the 18th of September 1987.
Panasonic Radio cassette operating instructions.
Authorised dealer directory.
VAG service schedule


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