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Drop Dead Gorgeous
Hard & Soft Tops
Just Been Serviced

A true iconic classic, a term too loosely applied these days though in this
case quite apt. The performance Mercedes of its era, maybe not up to today’s
standards, sure, but we’re not in a hurry, we can afford to float back in time.
It’s more than just an old car, it’s a reminder of something good, something
better inside us all. Perhaps that same feeling of hope for the future the
Mercedes family of designers and engineers expressed in 1963. This enthusiasm
we might have shared, driving something so pure, so honest, and so beautiful.
It’s as if the car has become part of the sky.

Cruising the high mountain roads of the Trossachs and winding through the tight
sweeping turns of Loch Lomond in the 1969 Pagoda with so little traffic one
forgets what year or even decade it is. The sunset light gives the car an
ethereal glow. Its sensuous, curving shape somehow complements the harsh
environment as if to say “I belong here.”

Never restored, somehow this car managed to escape most of the ravages of misuse
and poor storage suffered by so many. Imported from California some 15 years ago
it is of course at this age MOT and tax exempt. Just freshly serviced by Mercedes
dealer its ready to be enjoyed, it will take you anywhere.

You know it’s been driven…...sometime…..somewhere. One can only imagine going in
it to the cinema to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or Easy Rider and
smiling as people watch it glide by in its beautifully sculpted glory. The car
will have had a glamorous past and it feels so every time you grab the keys and
approach it. Captivating and uber cool all at once, even old woman stare at it
passing by. The quintessential SL, if you have not experienced it you are stuck
in a motor vehice wilderness.


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