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91OOO Miles - 19 Saab Dealer Service Stamps
Glass sunroof- Heated Seats -CD
Incredible Original Survivor

N820 GEV
Registered and delivered on 26th April 1996 by Saab Continental cars to a Mr
Nicholson of Bishops Stortford who owned the car the first few years and then sold
on to a family member who has owned it since. Driven nearly all its days by an
elderly Lady the vehicle did change hands from her husband to her as a paper
exercise upon his demise. What sets this car apart is the condition and the fact it
has never been serviced by anyone other than the official Saab dealer, a total of
20 service stamps are present in the service booklet. I deal with older cars
every day and find the commitment to the servicing rather unique. Wearing its
genuine factory paint it has never been bumped or had anything changed from
factory spec. Both keys with both remotes, owners wallet with all handbooks a
and even the original Saab 9000 sales brochure. The car was kept garaged, never
smoked in and not had any abuse, this has preserved it remarkably well. The Lady
had a contract with a detailing company who visited here once a month to clean
and polish her car. In March this year due to illness she accepted that she could
no longer keep driving and offered it to the valeter who had always admired it,
having a classic of his own he was conflicted however could not pass it on, hence
the V5 does now show 3 previous owners.

Service History
18.04.96 Saab Continental Cars Pre delivery Insp 28 miles
04.02.98 Saab Continental Cars 5360 miles
02.03.99 Saab Continental Cars 8560 miles
23.02.00 Saab Continental Cars 11118 miles
19.03.02 Saab Continental Cars 18510 miles
26.03.03 Saab Continental Cars 21136 miles
09.02.05 Saab Continental Cars 32633 miles
08.02.06 Cambridge Saab 42934 miles
12.04.07 Cambridge Saab 54733 miles
15.04.08 Cambridge Saab 62647 miles
30.04.09 Cambridge Saab 71616 miles
09.03.10 Cambridge Saab 76807 miles
15.03.11 Cambridge Saab 79047 miles
05.04.12 Cambridge Saab 82078 miles
11.03.13 Cambridge Saab 83665 miles
18.03.14 Cambridge Saab 84738 miles
24.03.15 Cambridge Saab 86218 miles
22.03.16 Cambridge Saab 87721 miles
16.03.17 Cambridge Saab 88945 miles
27.02.18 Cambridge Saab 89919 miles

Current mileage is 91,243

SAAB 9000
The classic world is at last waking up to the classic Saab, like all the real Saab's
its as timeless now as it was then, and they were the real deal. Classic cars come
and go but the appeal of some remains constant and none more so than the 9000 -
the last real Saab say some of the marque's cognoscenti. Owning a late model Saab
9000 is an easy way to being different and this modern classic is one that anyone
would be deeply proud to be the next custodian, its ready to be used and enjoyed
and stored with sympathy.

As unmarked as it is remarkable. It has a commanding presence in the flesh.
The paint retains a deep glossy shine and is in superb condition all around and
looking to be factory original. On close inspection there are no negatives to be
found with only a few discreet blemishes . All of the panels are nice and
straight, lining up as they should. Literally presents like a far younger vehicle
with a true depth to paint, currently detailed to a very high standard with all
the lines angles and quirks of the 9000 surely looking their best in Silver

The interior of the 9000 is awash with period leather, the perfect contrast to the
exterior paintwork. The chairs remain virtual as new, and supportive in a way
seats will never be again. The rear seats look unused and the headlining is perfect.
The A1 condition continues to the door cards, along the bottoms of the doors,
the door shuts and A and B posts, along the dashboard, and all the rubbers none
of which shows signs of age or damage. The centre console is the same, with
no wear to any buttons or knobs. The carpets throughout remain clean and tidy
and unspoiled. Whal. The wood is in first class condition also.

The engine bay presents remarkably well and is consistent with a car having
done little mileage. Having been well maintained. Unsurprisingly the auto
transmission shifts through the gears with ease and there are no shortcomings
with anything, its an utter joy. Driving the car today one is reminded of just
how well engineered they truly were, it fast, comfortable and silent, this 9000
will take you anywhere in style.

You may find many cheaper 9000 models however I doubt another one with such
original condition and unspoiled service record exists. A special car....

Other Information
* mot 23/03/2019
* leather book pack/all manuals/literature/sales brochure
* original service booklet
* complete toolkit/jack etc
* CD player fitted
* Haynes manual


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