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1979 Land Rover Series 3 LWB 109 Station Wagon
Safari Petrol 2.25 litre 12 Seater - Fairey Overdrive
Beautiful Restored Condition - 64,000 Mles
Classic Marine Blue

The Timeless Classic
The basics and the character of the Land Rover series haven't changed much since
the introduction in 1948. A leaf sprung ladder chassis that has all-wheel drive and
houses a simple engine - almost every engine will fit. And the construction and
mechanics are so simple basic repairs can be done with an everyday tool set and
anywhere. This and the ability to make a Landy whatever you think it needs to be
can get you hooked and addicted forever, simply put that is the allure of all real
Land Rovers. The Series III is arguably the most famous Land Rover of them all.
Incredibly, the long-wheelbase Station Wagon is 24 years younger than the original
Series I, yet its appearance has hardly changed. Drive it for a day and all other
four wheel drive tools are considered pointless and stupid by comparison. The
iconic agricultural looks that are as chic in Soho as they are unremarkable and
irrelevant on muddy trails the world over, a vehicle that will take you literally
anywhere and back. The Series 3 is considered by many to be the most hardy version
of the Land Rover ever constructed. It’s also the type of classic Land Rover that
features strongly in the general public’s perception of the brand due to its many
appearances in popular films and television documentaries set in Africa and India
throughout the sixties.

An original factory made 12 seater Estate with a full County interior with a safari
twin skinned roof, roof vents with headlining. Chassis number 93110505D with all
matching factory numbers to engine and chassis. Completely stripped down and the
restoration began from the chassis upwards. The bodywork, chassis and running gear
were stripped back, repaired where necessary and then reassembled in the time-honoured
tradition. The engine was also rebuilt and reconditioned to match the high standards
appropriate to this restoration. A similar approach was taken with the interior which
is in excellent condition and a real credit, with new upholstery and roof lining
through out. The car really must be seen to truly appreciate the quality of the
workmanship involved in bringing this Classic back to life.

The paintwork is in its original factory finish and the panels straight, the paint
finish had lost its lustre and showing signs of aluminium where the paint had worn
through. Land Rover like other manufacturers in 70’s were not acclaimed for their
rust prevention technique’s, thus, Series 3 Models having steel door frames all have
various stages of corrosion. While this vehicle deserved a comprehensive respray it
was fitted with five brand new doors while retaining the original front wings bonnet
and all rear body panels.
There have been many thousands of pounds spent over a 12 month long restoration with
many new parts being extensively used throughout the 700 plus hours which have been
a labour of love. I doubt you could find a better example for the money asked!
Bodywork- has been stripped to metal and re-sprayed in a professional booth with four
coats of 2k Land Rover Marine Blue as per original colour. The bodywork has been
meticulously prepared by a professional 1950’-60’s Porsche bodyworker to retain
original factory spot welds and rivets. If you study the photos provided the spot
welds are all evident as per factory.

Brand new quality Exmoor Trim with expensive special order deluxe second row seats
to compliment the front row seats. Fitted throughout in thick quality insulated
carpet with fully trimmed doors and fitted armrests. The roof air vents have been
also refurbished also new window channels throughout. The dashboard is unmolested
and in good condition there is an age related radio and speakers discreetly installed
sometime back in the eighties.

In great condition, the body was lifted from the chassis prepared and sprayed with
2 pack glass black paint. Bulkhead – In very good condition being painted and sound

Engine – 2.25 petrol 4 cylinder,now rebuilt runs smooth like a watch. The full
synchromesh gearbox, transfer box and 4-wheel drive operates smooth and quiet
complimented with a Fairey Overdrive. Recently refurbished braking system with
servo assisted brakes. New wheel cylinders and brake shoes. New suspension, shockers,
axle straps exhaust & engine manifold etc. The original wheels are finished in
Limestone fitted with the 7.50 R16 tyres and it retains its Galvanised body cappings
and front bumper as their original coating was intact.

All doors and panels have been sound proofed including floor panels, bulkhead, seat
box and cabin areas using sound pads throughout making this the quietest Series 3.
This car is a pleasure to drive. Overall, this Series 3 looks fantastic and is without
doubt a delight to drive as an everyday commuter and would be accepted at any venue.
Most importantly this is a fully functional 38 year old vehicle with low maintenance
and insurance costs. This great car is only going up in value. The word iconic
only tells half the story.


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