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A Historic Vehicle - MOT & Tax Exempt
100 % Original & Unaltered
68000 Miles

AUE 713S - Registered 01.08.1977
Believed to only be 5 of these models still on the road, incredible. A Volvo
for the enthusiast, ideal to add to a collection or to just be used for careful
Sunday drives, this model has some genuine appreciation ahead of it in coming
years. Volvo celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1977, this meant they had to
show it off in various ways, nigh on impossible to find now this example remains
in stock condition, never been altered with all badges and genuine coachlines
in place. Teutonic build quality throughout, unbreakable mechanicals. MOT
and tax exempt though currently MOTd for peace of mind.

There’s something reassuring about the understated appeal of cars like this,
the 244 exudes restrained charm and has a fuss-free way of covering long
journeys while cocooning occupants in a beguilingly luxurious cabin. The
Volvo excels ergonomically. The cabin feels light, airy and uncluttered, with
plenty of room for front and rear passengers. The seating and driving position
both feel instantly comfortable and, this being a Volvo, stalks and switches
engage with a reassuringly secure ‘thunk’ or ‘click’. The characteristics of
the engine and the sumptuousness of the interior suggest it is a strong choice
for long motorway tours. Original bookpack with owners manul intact. Volvo 8
track stereo working with cassettes present. Starts on the button, runs like
a sewing machine. Manual roof windows and mirrors, very little to go wrong.
The roof is weathered as is the bonnet as its original and never been painted.
There is no rust on the body. The lower waist of the car is extremely well
preserved. 6 owners in total. You would not attempt to alter this Volvo in any
way, I could have painted these areas but its not for meddling with, there is no
substitute for originality.

The interior is remarkable, so well preserved. The body is 100% solid, top below
and underside. Very much has to be seen and driven to be fully appreciated.
These models are experiencing a serious revival in prices currently with many
of them being exported beyond our shores into Europe, it would be fitting if
the new owner was to keep this car on our island. This car pulls more glances
and incites more conversation than a new 911, believe me. I pulled into a
fuel station today and spent an hour talking randomly to people who approached
me, the stuff legends were built on.

The price of the car is unknown, its not something I can put a value on, and
I pride myself on being able to value anything given the weird and wonderful
is my job. Where do I start? After consideration a no reserve auction is the
only way to determine this cars true value, there is another one in Europe listed
for 19000 Euro. Study all the many images. If I can think on any more
information to add I will post it, if you have questions please email or
call me for a chat. Stephen 01360 - 850198.



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