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1990 Volvo 240 GLT
15,000 Miles
Lifetime Garaged Concours Classic
Unmarked Original Factory Condition
Advisory Free MoT History

Volvo 240 GLT
A once in a lifetime garage find GLT with genuine low mileage, a rising classic vehicle that has
lived in the same garage since it was new. We think this is the best condition pre-owned vehicle
that we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Fundamentally a one owner car however the logbook shows 2 previous keepers, it was bought
new by the original keeper, when he died some time ago it was put in his wives name and then
when she passed on it was inherited by the daughter and was registered in her name. Essentially
a one owner car from new, the mileage was done by the same old chap and it only ever lived in
the one same garage from new in 1990 until October 2019.

MoT history is comprehensive, it has missed a couple of tests due to lack of use, for example one
year it covered just 10 miles between tests, just back and forward to the test station. The test history
is as blemish free and exemplary as the car itself without even a single advisory item ever, as

06.93 3,835
04.95 7,332
04.96 8,335
05.97 9,464
04.98 10,606
05.99 11,884
06.00 12,215
07.03 12,351
06.05 13,275
05.07 14,336
05.08 14,346
06.09 14,359
11.10 14,374
10.11 14,856
10.12 15,220
10.13 15,669
10.14 15,713
10.15 15,719
10.16 15,726
10.17 15,737

The owners pack is present with a stack of historic MoT's to certify the correct low mileage. Don't
expect to find a folder of bills for service work and repairs, it has just 15,000 miles and only on it's
second set of tyres! That is not to say the oil has not been getting changed, the oil is clear like honey
and it has just had a timing belt service. The most recent MoT expired in October 2018. It can be
tested for the new keeper if required, though it is really much too clean to be driving anywhere.

This will be really easy to describe the condition accurately.. imagine visiting a Volvo dealership in
1991 to look over a very well looked after 1 year old Volvo with just 15,000 miles that had been kept
in a garage and not used in the wet. You would see vibrant bright red paint with no colour fade, the
passenger seats hardly, or if-ever sat on and youthful rubber and black work as good as new. Not
a question of corrosion anywhere, not even close examination of and up and under or inside of the
wheel arches and wings all appears as new without even an imperfection to the all original factory
paint finish - anywhere.
There is hardly even a stone chip to note, basically unmarked as new condition, it would win any
show it entered. The underside is a good as the top too, all is beautifully preserved with underseal,
the floors and mechanical components all completely rot free. This is a concours class classic.

Video walkrounds of the body and underside available below..



Wheels & Tyres

Original factory finish GLT model specific alloys in as new condtion, one of them has a little
kerb mark though it would be sacriledge to have it meddled with and lose the wonderful crisp
lines and fonts on the lettering. Each one shod with matching Michelin rubber and a perfect
centre cap.

Unrepeatable unique once in a lifetime find in this condition, this is more or less an almost new
Volvo 240 GLT, it looks and drives like new. It will win any show any time, anywhere, etc. This will suit
the most fastidious Volvo collector somewhere worldwide with the highest of expectations, there is
simply nothing negative. Advertised worldwide, be quick.

Other Info
V5 Registration document
Not currently MoT'd
Owners Pack
All previous MoT's
Rear Blinds
Heated Leather
4 Keys
Spare wheel


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